Home Improvement Challenges To Tackle In February

Making the most of the summer days involves revamping your house and dealing with some repairs. Do you have a few tasks to take care of while the weather is warm and friendly?

As we’re now in February, it’s good to get all the jobs done before the dormant season makes an entrance. It can be a challenge to perform some improvements or alterations when it’s chilly or gloomy.

The exterior part gets the first impression from friends and visitors. So here are some outdoor jobs to attend to:

Dull entryway

Giving your front door a makeover can help sprout positive impressions. You’ll only need some primer, a roller and brush, and a can of paint to perform the job. Removing the old paint can be time-consuming and sometimes risky (especially if lead paint was initially used and there are signs of chips around it).


In this case, leaving the tasks (wet sanding and scraping) to the experts would be the safest choice.

Likewise, if you’re affixing a new door for a new look, you can ask help from a handy neighbour or a professional handyman to give you an extra hand.

Make sure to safely dispose of the old materials in a lawfully recognised dumping area or entrust it to a qualified rubbish removal specialist.

Rusty roof and gutter

The presence of rust in your roof and gutter should be dealt at once. While a few remedies such as oxalic acid could work to remove the rust marks, it’s more viable to call out a tradie.

Allowing a roof coating specialist to check it can be a huge help. For corroded gutters, replacing them may be necessary to not worsen the issue.

roof and gutter

Leaves, sludges and specks of dust also add to the problem, making these fixtures look worse. Give it time now before summer ends.

But avoid attempting to do the job with no or little experience. For guaranteed safety, it’s best to hire a roof and gutter cleaning professional.

Aesthetic and functionality-wise, you may consider adding a bargeboard custom-made to your own preference. It helps to support the roof timber edges and protect them from wearing out easily. Beautifully designed bargeboards act as ornamental borders or frames that create a statement to your outdoor structure.

Mouldy pool

pool water

Pools covered with mould and algae are unappealing and accident-inviting. It can also be more of a hassle to clean it once they build up during the colder months.

Pool filters should be one of your priorities as they help to reduce bacteria growth on waters. Twice a year is enough but it will depend on how often you use it.

Doing so helps it in its performance in removing dirt substance in the water.

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Along with working to have good filtration, be mindful of your pool’s pH level too. The Australian Standard recommends keeping it between 7.0 and 7.8 pH level to maintain the quality of your pool water.

You may use a test kit to determine the level, but hiring a pool maintenance professional can make the process smooth-sailing.

Unpolished decking boards

polished deck

If you have a deck situated in the backyard, check how it has been doing for months. Does the floor need to be sanded?

February is the ideal time to prepare it before the cold season arrives. Does it require one-off cleanup or a thorough inspection for loose nails or chapped wood boards?

Getting your deck ready for winter keeps it from acquiring moisture damage. Get a decking specialist to assist you when you plan to polish your deck to make it as good as new in the coming months.

Nearly damaged turf


As you tackle to restore the deck, check your lawn as well. Dry spots or dog marks do not only affect the appearance of your turf. These common problems can also have a damaging effect on its growth.

Aerate the lawn to give your lawn sufficient space for breathing. In this way, you are helping the root system to grow freely and spread widely without getting victimised by soil compaction.

While it’s true that the outdoor setting sets the tone, how your interior appears is another factor to deal with.

Outdated bathroom fittings

bathroom fitting

Small things matter. Whether you are rich in space or have a limited area, replacing old fixtures such as the shower head, basin, or the flow control valve should be considered.

It’s good to check some common signs of replacement to know if they’re still in good condition.

Doing so enhances the overall look and feel of the bathroom without carrying out a major remodelling. It also helps to safeguard your finances from costly or unexpected repairs in the future.

However, if you plan to have it slightly renovated or improve some of the hardwares, choose to have it done in February.

Disorganised cupboards

kitchen cupboard

Your cupboards also deserve the attention they need, as often as possible. If you happen to see traces of clutter on your countertop, dining table or even in your cabinets, check the overall arrangement.

Do you have to let go of a few dishwares, cutlery pieces or glassware that make the kitchen space look cramped?

Try to change the layout if you can. As a general rule, balance the aesthetic and functional aspects. Place the most often used kitchen wares or crockery in easy-to-access areas.

But be sure to check if it’s visually appealing. Do this one day at a time if you have other priorities at work or at home.

Boring light fixtures

light fixtures

Boring lightings are an eyesore. One way to add flair to your house without spending a fortune is changing your light fixtures.

A sophisticated indoor lamp in your private space or a refurbished chandelier in the living room visually contributes to the overall interior appeal.

Hanging a huge-sized bulb or pendant lights in the dining area also turns a simple-looking space into a focal attraction. Have someone to consult when you need a professional opinion.

February Or Never?

Tackling all these jobs can be a bit overwhelming particularly those that require complex procedures. Trying to complete them all by yourself proves it true. For easier execution, create a checklist to specify what needs to be done – from the most urgent jobs down to the least.

So before the cold weather sets in, be sure to organise your tasks – whether simple or complicated – and hire a professional tradie to offer you assistance.

You won’t regret it once you do!

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