How much does handyman services cost?

handyman services

Handymen give different pricing rates. Just because they billed your neighbours a certain price, doesn’t mean they will give you that exact price for the same job. Each handyman will base their pricing rates depending on the services they will render and the size of the job.

The price rates that handymen quote can either be fixed or based per hour. This is because there are some problems at home that only takes a few hours for a handyman to fix; while other problems can take longer. To give you a clear idea, here are the price ranges of handyman services per location.

If you’re living in any of these areas in Australia, the possible pricing ranges that you can expect for handyman services are the following:

1. Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Northern Territory & Western Australia

  • Plastering: $130 – $240 (Fixed rate)
  • Fix furniture: $110 – $200 (Fixed rate)
  • Painting: $120 – $225 (Fixed rate)
  • Carpentry: $35.47 (Hourly) or $115 – $210 (Fixed rate)

The handyman services have the same rates for these territories. It will only differ with the average pricing rates per hour: Australian Capital Territory – $51.67, South Australia – $48.81, and Western Australia – $53.64.

2. New South Wales and Victoria

  • Plastering: $130 – $245
  • Fix furniture: $110 – $205
  • Painting: $125 – $230
  • Carpentry: $115 – $215

The average pricing rates per hour for these territories are New South Wales – $55.93 and Victoria – $48.11.

3. Queensland

The average pricing rates per hour for Queensland is $52.17.

  • Plastering $130 – $240
  • Fix furniture $110 – $200
  • Painting $125 – $230
  • Carpentry $115 – $210

4. Tasmania

  • Plastering: $125 – $235
  • Fix furniture: $105 – $200
  • Painting: $120 – $225
  • Carpentry: $115 – $210

The rates for other handyman services are:

  • Painting a single room may cost $350 (Fixed Rate).
  • Repairing damaged plaster may cost $180 to $500 (Fixed rate).
  • Furniture and Equipment Assembly/Installation may cost $80 to $200 (Fixed rate).
  • Odd jobs such as Picture and Mirror Hanging may cost $60 (Hourly) or $150 (Fixed rate).
  • Window and Doors Repair may cost $300 (Fixed rate). The hourly rate for this job is much lower because this job usually only takes 3 to 4 hours to fix.

Other factors that add to the cost of handyman services are travel expenses and materials. If you don’t want to add this to the overall cost, you must find a handyman near your location. While for the materials, it’s best to advise your handyman if you already have the materials needed.

How to lower down the cost?

Looking at the pricing rates above, you might start to think twice in pursuing your house remodeling project. But don’t worry! There are tons of ways on how you can lower down the cost. Here are some tips on how you can lower down the cost of your remodeling project:

  1. The best way to lower down the cost of handyman services is by looking for discounts. Some companies offer discounts for senior citizens, veterans and disabled. If you don’t fall in any of those categories, you can always wait for seasonal or anniversary discounts.
  2. Cleaning the area yourselves after the work has been carried out. When the working area is messy, they will automatically think that cleaning it is part of their job and add this job to the bill.
  3. Before you call a handyman it’s best to inspect the house thoroughly and gather all the tasks that needed to be done. After finishing listing it down, you can determine which of those tasks can be done by one handyman. This is helpful because handymen always give discounts for multiple tasks.
  4. Keep pets out of the way. Pets, particularly dogs, can be vicious when they see an unfamiliar face inside the house. To ensure your pet will not injure any workers, keep them far away from the working area.

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