How To Choose The Best Home Handyman Services

Every homeowner aims to hire the best home handyman services for two reasons: guarantee to receive high-quality work and complete the job right on the first try.

Research is the key. The only question is, what are the things to look at to ensure one will hire only the best home handyman services? To save time from endless search, here are the important factors that every homeowner needs to understand and focus on:

1. Company Overview

Searching for the company overview is the only way for homeowners to know if they are the right fit for the job. The section that homeowners need to focus on are the following:


The process of hiring the best home handyman services always starts by identifying the services they offer. This is to ensure the handyman can deliver the needs and demands of the homeowners.


As a general rule, handymen advise homeowners to always hire home handyman services near their location. The reason is mainly for convenience. In case the homeowner encounters an emergency problem, the handyman can respond immediately.

The next good reason is that the location has an impact on fees. The farther the travel distance between the homeowner’s property to the handyman’s office, the higher the fees the handyman will charge.

Business Licence

One thing that every homeowner wants to avoid is working with unregistered home handyman services. One good way to guarantee the legitimacy of their business is by looking at their business licence and Australian Business Number (ABN).

The business licence is a good assurance that the handyman’s company is authorised to perform the services they are providing. The ABN is beneficial for tax purposes, on the handyman’s side. But it can also give peace of mind to homeowners knowing that the handyman will never attempt to request cash payments to avoid their tax obligations.

Always remember, a trusted handyman always provides an invoice. If in any chance there is a need for additional payment, the handyman will discuss it to the homeowner first.


Choose a home handyman services company that has been in the industry for a good number of years. This is a good sign that the business provides an excellent result that led to gaining loyal customers and a competitive standing over its competitors.

2. Home handyman services fees

Money can be an issue when hiring home handyman services. Two of the common issue that most homeowners fear about is spending too much and shouldering hidden charges. To prevent experiencing any of these issues, every homeowner should know upfront all the fees that the handyman may charge.

The fees that homeowners can expect to pay are the following:

  • Call-Out fees
  • Per Job (including its’ size and length)
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Labour Fees (hourly and fixed)

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3. Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Handymen may be known for fixing small and odd jobs around the house, but there are still risks that may arise while performing the job. A reliable handyman always maintains safety measures while performing the job fix and follows the Safe Work Method Statements.

The SWMS is a document that complies with the current laws in all States and Territories. This document states all the risks that may arise in the workplace while performing job fixes. The SWMS covers the proper personal protective equipment required for the handyman, and the procedure to follow when encountering potential safety/environmental hazards.

4. Payment Options

Convenience and comfort are two of the main reasons why homeowners choose the best home handyman services. In terms of payment method, homeowners can achieve these by choosing a company that offers multiple payment methods such as cash, cheques, and credit cards.

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