How to get a handyman licence in NSW?

A licence is the tradesman key to harmoniously do business in every State. This will serve as a guarantee that they can deliver good quality work as they have passed all certification training and examination set by the local government. If you are reading this article now, you’re probably wondering how to get a handyman licence in NSW.

In general, handymen are not required to obtain any licences or certification training. This is due to their jobs’ nature which is mostly focused on odd jobs, and general home maintenance and repair.

But in New South Wales(NSW), there is an exemption to the rule. A handyman will be required to obtain a licence IF their work falls in any of these conditions:

  • “Residential building work valued at more than $5,000, including the goods and services tax (GST), in labour and materials”

  • Regardless of the overall project cost, the handyman must acquire a specialised licence for jobs that include air conditioning and refrigeration, electrical wiring, gasfitting, plumbing, reconnection and disconnection of fixed electrical equipment work.


What are the requirements to get a handyman licence in NSW?

The application and ‘checklist for individuals’ forms are the main requirements that you must comply with when applying for a handyman licence in NSW. You can also include the ‘additional details’ form if it applies to you.

While for the supporting documents, here are the complete list of what you need to submit:

  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Proof of your identity (e.g. electricity bill, residential tenancy agreement or bank passbook)
  • All the documentation that proves you meet the required qualifications (e.g. certifications on special training)
  • Certification of eligibility to acquire insurance and referee’s statement (only if applicable)


What’s the application process to get a handyman licence in NSW?

Step 1: Determine what type of licence you want to obtain – general and other building work, trade work, and specialist trade work.

Step 2:Visit the Service NSW website and download the application form. Make sure to fill it up completely.

Step 3: Ensure to gather all the necessary supporting documents

Step 4: Upon completing the form and supporting documents, go to the Service NSW website and click the ‘Book an appointment” button.

Step 5: Select the service centre close to your location. You can do this by visiting the service centre locator on the Service NSW website.

Step 6: Schedule your appointment. Make sure to enter all the required details to avoid getting rejected.

How much does the application cost?

The table below shows the standard cost of getting an individual handyman licence in NSW for residential building. For other licences fees, you can visit NSW Fair Trading website.

individual handyman licence in NSW

Featured Photo Courtesy of Anamul Rezwan via Pexels 

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