Top 3 Handyman Services in Melbourne

When it comes to household problems, a handyman proven to help homeowners fix it fast and effectively. No matter what’s the shape and size of the problem is, they can solve it right away.

A handyman specializes in a wide range of commercial and residential handyman services. Here are the top 3 handyman services in Melbourne.

1. General Household Repairs

Since the house consists of different elements to complete it, it becomes prone to problems. This is the reason this problem listed as the Top 1 handyman services in Melbourne. Some of the common household problems that need repairs lie on doors and windows.

Doors and windows are the two elements on the house that can boost energy efficiency and security. Therefore, the need for it to be always in good condition is a must. The scope of work of a handyman is the following:

  • Stuck Window

Stuck windows are commonly caused by old age, it was painted close, or something blocking it. Most people are trying to fix it themselves by using body strength, knife, hammer or lubricating oil. Though these solutions can be effective, the tools (mostly) used can either harm you or the window itself. So, to avoid any unnecessary damages or injuries, it’s best to hire a professional handyman for this job.

  • Lock Repairs

When the lock suddenly doesn’t work, most homeowners will go with the easy option and that is to break it and replace a new one. It’s a quick solution. But if you want to save your doorknob, you can call a handyman to check and fix it.

Here are the lock problems that a handyman can fix:

  • The latch and strike plate don’t align properly.
  • The deadbolt is stuck.
  • The doorknob is loose.
  • There is a broken key stuck inside the keyhole.
  • The cylinder turns are broken.
  • Faulty door

Since the door is used regularly, it is prone to different problems. These problems include, but not limited to:

  • There’s a gap in between the mainframe and door.
  • The hinges are rusty or deformed.
  • The door is swelling (for wooden doors).

When you notice any of these problems, you should immediately call a handyman. This is to ensure to receive an immediate response and, at the same time, get the right treatment for each problem.

2. Carpentry

Wood is one of the popular materials used in house construction. This is the reason carpentry listed in second place in the top handyman services in Melbourne. Carpentry is very broad jobs, it can range from easy fix to a full job construction. The scope of work of a handyman is the following:

  • Building sheds

Sheds are popular to homeowners as it gives additional room for the family. It can use as a storage area, home for pets or kid’s playroom. Most homeowners build their own shed to add a personal touch to it. But if you don’t have the time or you are inexperienced in construction, you can hire a handyman to do the job for you.

  • Repairing broken cabinets

Wood furniture or floors are great to have at home as it adds warmth and rustic appeal. Unfortunately, it can break over time. Once this problem occurs, you can entrust this job to a handyman. They will not only fix it, but they can also upgrade its design to make it more durable and fit your style.

  • Installing window planter

If you want to add some greens to your home but you don’t have the space for a garden, one good option is to have a window planter. This window planter looks stunning and only consumes small space. Any handyman can build this for you fast and effectively.

3. Hanging paintings and pictures

The last on the top list of handyman services in Melbourne is hanging paintings and pictures. This is an easy job for sure. You probably do it yourselves than hiring a handyman on this. But the truth is this job can be challenging, and the reasons are the following:

  • You don’t have a plan

Balance is the key to make the series of painting or pictures looks beautiful. Having a plan will ensure that every paintings or picture are properly aligned with one another.

  • You have a fear of heights

If you have a huge painting, you have no choice but to hang it on the topmost area of your wall. This could be a problem since you have to use a ladder to reach the area. If you have a healthy fear of heights, it’s best to hire a handyman instead to do the job.

  • You’re unaware of the proper hanging guideline of paintings

Paintings are very sensitive. If you want to preserve it for a long time, you must handle it with care always. When you hire a handyman to do this job, you can assure that they will choose the proper frame for each painting type and avoid placing it near with water pipes or electrical wiring.

  • Accidentally breaking your wall or the frame

When hanging a painting or picture, you will need a hammer and a hook. The hook will vary on the frame’s weight. If you’re not handy using a hammer or not aware of hooks’ type, it’s best to hire a handyman to do this job. This is to keep both your wall and painting frame safe from acquiring damages such as cracking or breaking.

Featured Photo Courtesy of whitesession via Pixabay

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