What does a handyman do?

A handyman (or handyperson) is a paid, DIY expert in handling repair and maintenance jobs in residential and commercial structures.

Professional handymen are agile and versatile workers that can take on minor and major projects. They are adept at carrying out general installation and fixing tasks as well as odd jobs.

Handymen are responsible for keeping the house or place of business in good condition. They focus on helping with small requirements but may also tackle comprehensive jobs depending on the demand. When a particular work is outside of their expertise, they recommend a tradie or two to execute the required task.

In most cases, handymen get a higher volume of jobs from homeowners. While a simple task can be done through DIY hacks, it pays to get someone who is more knowledgeable and experienced.

What does a handyman do in residential settings?

Hanging a mirror/picture/TV. Newlyweds who barely have time for odd jobs may need a handyman to assist them. The process may sound simple and not require you to spend on a professional fee. But to perfect the mounting task and increase your convenience, some do hire a reliable handyman.

Assembling flat packs. Furniture installation is an easy task and doesn’t require a certificate to complete the work. But what you can do in 3 hours can be equal to 1 hour or less if done by a handyman. Getting an extra hand makes you do other chores around the home and prioritise rest when needed.

Welding services. Basic welding tasks are also part of a handyman’s scope of work. Whether you need a sturdy pool fence or a simple garden feature in the backyard, a handyman can do the process for you. Experienced handymen can accomplish complex procedures from different sizes of weldments (steel bars, etc).

Basic painting. Decorating a small room or house doors can easily be reflected through painting. Handymen are not only skillful repairmen but also painters. Although hiring a professional painter is more appropriate, small painting jobs can be best left to a reputable handyman. Not only do they charge lesser costs but they also drive quicker turnarounds.

Senior living modifications. Some handymen who work under a company or individually also provide handyman services for seniors. Others offer them free of charge so they have nothing to worry about the expenses. Tasks may range from cleaning and maintenance to garden care and landscaping. On another note, bathroom rails that support the elderly are also done to promote safety and convenience.

What does a handyman do in commercial settings?

A handyman tasked to carry out fixing jobs in commercial establishments is often asked to follow routine maintenance programs. These handymen regularly monitor building facilities and equipment to keep them in tip-top condition. This helps to avoid downtime at workplaces and during operations.

If in household settings they follow the instruction of the homeowner, employed handymen adhere to maintenance procedures implemented by the management. Unlike sole traders or freelancers, they are expected to do certain duties such as troubleshooting. With these responsibilities, they apply both their technical and problem-solving skills to handle present issues.

Jack Of Al(most) Trades

Being handy, they can only do so much. Major works that require structural rectification are for licensed builders or carpenters.

Electrical and plumbings jobs are also a no-no for handymen. Unless they have acquired licences or certificates that validate them to perform these tasks, they can. But without these requirements, they can only focus on basic property maintenance jobs.

You can trust a handyman to accomplish your property needs as long as you hire the best one with good characteristics. Make sure to find a handyman who has obtained years of experience and established good standing in the industry.

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