Your Neighbours Are Hiring A Handyman, So Why Aren’t You?

Don’t let your house be tagged as the ‘worst house on the street’, or if you think it already is, here’s how a Handyman will change all that.

If you have a few niggles or small jobs around the house that you need repaired, a handyman can take care of them all in one visit.

How do people benefit from a handyman?

As the number of households increases, the need for handyman services rises too. You ask, “Why hire when you can DIY?” Aside from convenience and safety, time is a top concern as to why you need a handyman to do things around your property.

Many people, particularly those with a handyman gene, rely on DIY because of its cost efficiency. While a do-it-yourself strategy can work in some instance such as repairing a door lock or unclogging the drain, it’s best to ensure that the process won’t fail on first attempts.

You don’t want to sacrifice your precious time and use up the entire day attending to your mess or assembling some newly bought furniture.

If your neighbours are hiring a handyman, why aren’t you?

Things That Handymen Can Address

The only difference between a beautiful home and less appealing home is the close involvement of a professional. It’s necessary to determine the scope and degree of work a handyman can perform so as to avoid future disputes.

Some jobs may include:

Doors & Windows. You might think your doors and windows are fine but little do you know that your neighbours may have them serviced regularly and in the event of needed repairs, they simply get in touch with a handyman who not only knows how to repair doors and windows but also know their way around other jobs in the house too.

Gardening. More so with lawns in the front of your house, mowing the lawn can be tiring and time-consuming especially if you have a huge turf. Leaving it to grow can make you the talk of the street, not only by its appearance but for the negative effects of leaving it so long – pests can make themselves feel at home in your lawn which can eventually spread inside other people’s homes, dogs may see it as one huge toilet and leave their mess in it and not to mention the amount of rubbish that may accumulate on the lawn especially if you live on a main thoroughfare.

A reliable handyman can take care of the job without the need to do it yourself. Other gardening tasks such as weeding, watering and pruning also require serious dedication to regularly monitor your plants’ wellbeing. A professional handyman’s help can make a big difference by saving your time and effort as well as to provide better care for your garden.

Fencing. For most, the front fence is the first thing people notice about your house. If this isn’t looking clean and functional, then your house might stand out like a sore thumb. A perfectly installed fence doesn’t only add to the overall aesthetics but also to your safety. Whether it’s temporary fencing or fence repairs, a handyman can easily work on certain procedures such as finding the right measurement and materials to perfectly reach your objective.

If it’s for the garden, it’s essential to know its purpose and the materials needed for the small project. Likewise, if it’s for a certain area that needs a bit of peace and privacy, some handyman services install fences with noise reduction features to suit your preferences and property needs.

Painting. Let’s face it, everyone can grab a brush, dip it in paint and apply it on the surface of their choice. But when we’re talking about volume and large surface areas it’s best left to a professional. Whether the project centers on the interior, exterior or both, it’s good to hire a qualified handyman to accomplish the job from surface preparation to finishing touches.

Do you need to cover unwanted marks or scratches with a new coat? Or is your neighbour flaunting its newly refurbished property? Finding the right handyman can take you one step ahead of your neighbour.

Lighting Fixtures Installation. Updating a light fixture in your home may sound easy, but attempting to change it yourself may run the risk of electrical accidents or failures. For guaranteed safety, it would be better to hire a handyman to handle the requirements which come with the job. Nowadays, lighting fixtures are common on the exterior of the property and some neighbours love to flaunt it, especially when using the more cost-efficient LED bulbs.

Don’t let your property get left in the dark, a handyman can install or replace even the hard to reach bulbs – but this depends on the complexity.

Don’t DIY What a Handyman Can Do

Relying on your own resources can be an option especially if you want something installed or fixed right now. But not all jobs should be left to DIY – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. There’s a reason why your neighbours’ house looks better than yours and that’s because they don’t mess around with DIY when you can easily find a trusted handyman online.

Chances are you have more than one problem that needs fixing or more than one upgrade that needs upgrading, your estimate of 30 minutes to attend to something might take you 3 hours! If you work a 9-5 and only have the weekends free, the money spent on a handyman (who usually charges by the hour or by the day) will definitely be well-spent.

So why are your neighbours hiring a handyman? Because it saves them time, it lets them get more done and it makes their house stand out above the rest.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

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