How To Install Insulation Under Metal Roofing

Adding insulation under your metal roofing system is easy as long as you have the appropriate and high-quality materials on board.

Understanding how to install insulation under metal roofing is a huge advantage as you can supervise your hired tradies when performing the actual job.

How to install insulation under metal roofing when the structure is new?

Insulated metal roofs help to resolve thermal discomfort, uncontrolled noise and even maximise the use of energy around your home. Read on to learn how to insulate your metal roof to give you an overview of the overall process:

  1. Choose among the insulation options based on your needs, budget, and preference. Insulation types such as foam batting, foil and fibreglass can be used for your metal roof. Buy those products with high R-value ratings to guarantee greater thermal resistance to heat flow. You may ask a local insulation expert to help you pick the best type that suits your overall requirements.
  2. Before laying the roofing panels, begin to install plywood to firmly support the insulation materials. It must serve as the roof sheathing (cover) where the insulating layers are attached.
  3. Lay building wraps or papers on the sheathing before attaching the insulation. Overlap the sheets to cover the whole surface. This will help prevent water from forming and lingering between the gaps on your metal roof and sheathing.
  4. Staple the insulation sheets to secure them firmly. In case the sheathing needs some fixing or a few insulation materials need changing, you won’t go wrong with staples. You may also use nails depending on the need or demand.
  5. Make accurate measurements for each insulation material, and gently place it according to size. (Note: See to it that you have all the materials ready to speed up the process and reserve your energy.)
  6. Cover the sheets with duct tape but don’t go overboard. Leave at least 1/8 inch in between gaps to provide breathable space and avoid moisture.
  7. Lay the metal roof panels over the insulation. Follow the instructional guide to adhere to proper standards.

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Metal roof structures have the most conductive qualities among other roofing materials. Make sure to get help from experienced insulation installers to ensure your safety and success of the job.

Find the Best Insulator Near You

Whether you’re insulating a newly attached metal roof or an existing one, it pays to be aware of how to install insulation under metal roofing. While it’s true that you can accomplish the job with little assistance from your friend or neighbour, it’s still safer and cost-efficient to get a tradie.

Properly insulated metal roofs offer long-term benefits in terms of health, safety and comfort. They also help you manage your expenses and keep you from spending excessively on heating and cooling bills.

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