How To Install Sarking In Existing Roof

Roofs with no sarking may be able to withstand weather inconsistencies, but sarked roof structures obtain greater protection. Familiarising yourself on how to install sarking in an existing roof is beneficial.

Though performing the job may sound daunting, but with durable tools and materials on hand, you can achieve your objective with less stress.

How to install sarking in existing roof?

Qualified roof installation experts or insulation companies provide good quality service for property owners who wish to rectify their roof structures. Also, they make sure that you get the best supply of sarking materials to guarantee the durability and effectiveness of the product.

If you’re wondering about the process of adding sarking to your existing tile or metal roof, consider the following steps. You may also call out a professional to help you.

  1. Consult a reputable roof sarking supplier within your area to invest in high-grade products that will last for years.
  2. Identify the roof dimension to know the correct measurement and number of sarking sheets to buy.
  3. Remove the ridge capping to easily get rid of roof tiles and clips.
  4. Unfasten all clips that take hold of the roof tiles. If some are damaged, replace them with new ones after putting the tiles back.
  5. Dismantle all roof battens to enable you to install sarking beneath them.
  6. Lay the sarking sheets on the roof cavity with care and precision. You may use a staple or nail gun to fasten them with the rafters.
  7. Reinstall the battens once you’re done fitting sarking sheets.
  8. Rebed the roof tiles to cover the roof surface.
  9. Reattach and realign the ridge capping.
  10. Gather all the used tools and materials, and secure them for safekeeping.

If your current roof type is metal, you may also apply these steps by removing each part one by one.

Note: Working on roofs may cause fall accidents so make sure you wear safety gears such as head protection, harness and non-slip shoes.

Retrofitting Sarking

Sarking is not mandatory, however, it helps to protect your roof frames from acquiring moulds, stains and other decaying issues. Not only does it help your roof thrive in climate changes, but it also improves the overall thermal comfort indoors.

Any job that involves working on heights along with accurate measuring and installation requires extensive skills and experience.

If you prefer to carry out the work alone or with a trusted handy neighbour, make sure that you have valid credentials to do so. Otherwise, you may get penalised by the local authority for not complying with the regulations.

It’s always best and safest to hire a reliable roof sarking installation specialist to oversee the process. You can be sure that they have the appropriate tools and techniques to retrofit sarking onto your existing roof.

If in case you notice some damaged parts (e.g. tiles) on your tile or metal roof, call a professional to restore its appearance or consider tile replacement. The result will certainly be more satisfying with no potential harm on your end.

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