What’s the Standard Ceiling Height in Australia?

Getting the right measurement may seem to be a small and tedious task, but it is one of the most important tasks in house construction. This is due to its huge impact on all future actions of the contractors.

One of its known impacts is forcing the handyman to re-do every work that has been done. Typically, this type of redos can cost a fortune to the homeowner particularly if the mistake has been made on the ceiling.

Fortunately, handymen will never have a problem getting the right measurement for the ceiling because the standard ceiling height in Australia is clearly stated in the Australian Building Code.

What is the standard ceiling height in Australia?

According to the Building Code, the standard ceiling height in Australia is 2.4 metres for habitable rooms. For non-habitable rooms, the standard ceiling height starts at 2.1 metres.

The habitable rooms are the areas of the house that are occupied by people to do various activities. The rooms they cover are the living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room. While the non-habitable rooms cover the bathroom/toilet, hallway, garage, and pantry.

Though this is the implemented standard ceiling height in Australia, there are habitable and non-habitable areas of the house with additional conditions to follow before determining the ceiling height. Two of the most common rooms/areas are the attic and stairways.

The attic is typically left untouched by homeowners. But in modern houses, homeowners turned it into a habitable room – either a bedroom or entertainment area. For this transformation, 50% to 60% of the attic space must maintain the standard ceiling height in Australia which is 2.4 metres.

Important Note: This is only applicable for attic with a sloping roof.

For houses with stairways, the only condition that the contractor/homeowner need to consider is the headroom. They must always maintain a minimum of 2 metre height.

What is the average ceiling height in Australia to maintain for high-ceiling houses?

It is undeniable that more homeowners prefer to have high ceilings. The obvious reasons are due to its elegant and luxurious appeal. But it is also advantageous on houses built on areas with a warmer climate as it helps to easily cool the house.

Therefore, the average ceiling height in Australia to follow is 2.7 metres. But homeowners can choose from 2.55 metres up to 3 metres.

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