The Importance of Roof Insulation Blanket

Each location in Australia has its own climate conditions. With this in mind, professional insulators recommend every property owner (residential or commercial) to install a roof insulation blanket.

It does not only refer to any roof insulation blanket therein but the one that is specifically designed for their location’s climate conditions and family needs.

Installing a roof insulation blanket is important to every property owner because it plays various roles that help maximise the efficiency of the roof. But the most important role lies in its ability to protect human life and the environment against disaster (e.g. fire), pollution, and accidental injury.

1. Improves fire protection

The house contains different systems to make the home comfortable to live in. The only downside of these systems is they have low resistance to fire, especially when exposed to excessive heat. To add protective measures, professional insulators recommend installing a roof insulation blanket.

For old houses, professional insulators advise owners to perform an initial inspection. A roof insulation blanket commonly lasts for around 15 to 20 years. But this will still depend on the roof insulation’s manufacturer.

If the roof insulation blanket exceeds the life span and shows signs of wear, it’s highly recommended to carry out roof insulation removal.

2. Lessens carbon pollution

Climate change is used to be a myth in the past. But now, it is happening fast. One way to somehow lessen the carbon emission is by reducing the use of elements around the house that produce a massive amount of carbon footprint.

Here, in Australia, the element that produces the most carbon footprint is electricity (e.g. light, air conditioning, and steam showers). But if the house is well-insulated, it will maintain a comfortable temperature even under excessive heat or cold, and without constant use of electronic equipment.

3. Maintains personal protection

When experiencing excessive heat or cold, the piping and other system’s surfaces around the house have the tendency to adapt to the temperature. Accidentally touching it can cause burns or worse, can lead to an explosion.

Fortunately, these scenarios can easily be avoided by installing a reliable roof insulation blanket. The insulators will just calculate the right insulation thickness that the house needed to ensure all surfaces will maintain a safe temperature level.

Successfully installing a roof insulation blanket will not only strengthen the house but also save the homeowner tons of money from utility costs. In today’s lifestyle where the market price is skyrocketing, this is a huge help.

The key to having a successful installation is to hire a trusted roof insulator that strictly follows all the standard and safety regulations set by the Building Code of Australia.

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