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Tips For Designing The Ideal Home Office

If you’re set on a home office, you deserve to have a place where you can do your work peacefully and with the utmost comfort.

Designing your work space at home requires creativity and imagination. You need to reflect on the setup of a typical office to get the right feel and ambience. For some, an interior designer may be the answer.  Check out these tips in creating a stunning work space in your own home office.

Function over Form

Before investing in furniture and other things that you’ll need in your home office, consider your workflow first to determine which items are must-haves. When buying items, don’t prioritise form over function. Make sure it is both pleasing to the eyes and functional.

On another note, try to match your home office’s design with the the overall design of your house. The furniture should complement other rooms to give it a natural look and feel. If your house has a traditional deco, your home office should also include warm wood designs and furniture.

Invest in a Comfortable Chair

You’ll be spending most of your time sitting inside your home office, crammed with tons of tasks to accomplish. Give yourself some slack. Invest in a great chair that provides total comfort and functionality. Ergonomically-designed chairs are recommended since it is specifically designed to improve most of the sitting and posture of the user.

Pimp it with Colours

For a more customised feel, get a professional interior painter to work on the colours you love. It helps with boosting productivity and an upbeat feeling for work. Light colours like green and blue create a feeling of serenity and peace of mind. On the other hand, bright colors like yellow and orange are great for reinforcing productivity at work.

Choose a colour that matches your working style. Make sure it will still complement the overall colour blend of your home. Determine how these colours affect your mood at work.

Choose a Nice Spot with a Nice View

Place your office table near a window overlooking nature. Long hours of work calls for a time to rest your eyes and mind. If your desk is located near the window, you can just easily glance or stare at the beauty of nature to get instant relaxation.

Aside from this, the light coming from the window is energising. It lights up your home office even if there is no artificial lighting. If the room has no windows, you can hang pictures depicting nature as an alternative. Position it above your desk, facing you.

Pick Homely Accessories

If you’re going to choose your accessories, go for extras that provide a cozy and homely feeling. Get yourself a nice coffee mug, or trendy notepads. Put a decorative pencil holder on your desk and get a nice paper holder. Be creative. It’s your own home office and you have every right to design and decorate it anyway you want. Just make sure the accessories will not create a clutter.

If you want inspiration while you work, you can hang a picture of an inspirational quote from a famous person. Glancing over it while you work can help to inspire you.  There are many ideas on how to decorate your home office with accessories. Do what suits your style best.

Organise Your Electronic Devices

Generally you are working on your computer most of the time, make sure it’s presentable and decluttered. Remove from sight those tangled cords and organise them under the table accordingly. Place your electronics near an outlet so you don’t need to make use of extensions that look chaotic.

Keeping your home office organised helps in boosting productivity. A messy room equates to a messy life. Maintain everything in order so that you don’t need to keep on tidying things.

Lighting Fixtures

The secret of creating a stunning home office are lighting fixtures. Lights can transform a space from dull to energised, and ugly to stunning. Place ample lighting in your home office to create an energised feeling. You can even add some accents to make it more inviting. Poor lighting fixtures are not good for work productivity.  Find an electrician to quote and advise you with lighting solution.


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