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Get a Melbourne interior designer to spruce up your house

Does your room look dull or bland? Or maybe you just want to upgrade the interior design of your house? There is always a reliable Melbourne interior designer that can help you!

When upgrading the interior design of the house, some people question the importance of hiring a Melbourne interior designer. Their usual argument is ‘Why do I need to hire them if I can do it myself?’. Though it is possible for everyone to do the interior designing themselves, it still much convenient to let the professionals do the job. The reason is, hiring a professional Melbourne Interior designer can save everyone time and money because they can do the job right the first time.

What exactly does a Melbourne Interior Designer do?

A Melbourne Interior Designer will style your house according to suburbs’ style

Melbourne is considered one of the most incredible cities in Australia. This is mainly because of the city’s beautiful architectural design, culture, and astounding art collections. For its residential homes, each suburb holds a unique style.

Some of the suburbs in Melbourne and their styles are described below:

  • Albert Park

In the early days, Albert Park is known for its series of lagoons and swamps. But as years pass, it has been transformed into a recreational space for sports (soccer and golf) and aquatic centre. Aside from the recreational space, it also makes way for gorgeous Victorian-era-inspired terrace residential homes with an overlooking view of the botanical garden and the city.

Planning the interior design for this style of home is a bit difficult and requires serious time and financial investment. Mostly because all the features in this house are vintage – from the floor tiles to wirings. This is the reason it becomes a smart choice to hire a Melbourne Interior Designer because they know the proper way on how to treat each vintage feature and preserve it.

Most Interior Designers apply colours with soft tones like rose pinks, sage or grays. You can also add warmer colours but nothing vivid or loud. Other elements that they add are the following:

  • Marble or mantelpieces for the fireplace and table top
  • Lace material for seat backs and tables
  • Geometric, animal and floral patterns for rugs and wallpapers
  • Stained glass


  • St. Kilda West

In Melbourne, St. Kilda West is considered as the most ideal suburb to live in. This is because it is very accessible to public transport. Also, you can reach every store, park, beach, and school by walking.

For residential homes, St. Kilda West has a mixture of Victorian, Spanish and Edwardian architecture. This is a bit of an advantage for you if you live in this suburb because you have tons of options design-wise. Since St. Kilda West has a mixed and trendy vibe, most Melbourne Interior Designers incorporate this with modern interior and mid-century details such as antique marble fireplaces and handmade tiles.

  • South Melbourne

South Melbourne is the oldest suburb in Melbourne with Victorian-inspired architecture. It’s only difference to other Victorian-inspired suburbs is the high-rise apartment, bluestone-cobbled side laneways, and tree-lined streets. It is also accessible to public transportation and shopping strip.

Since the trend for homes in South Melbourne is high-rise apartments, most interior designers opt to choose designs with a mini-mansion appearance and feel. They do this by maintaining an open floor plan and add any of the following:

  • Infinity pool
  • Bar
  • Home Theatre
  • MasterChef-like Kitchen

A Melbourne Interior Designer will style your house according to suburbs’ weather and climate

Weather and climate are very important to consider when upgrading your interior design. This is mainly because it will help to maintain internal comfort for your family.

In Melbourne, it isn’t that challenging because it has a temperate climate. This will only change as season changes: January to April, mild temperatures; May to December, cooler temperatures.

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Services offered

Most Melbourne Interior Designers offers a complete design service which includes the preparation of construction drawings, space planning way up to selecting the finishing details. But if you’re only planning to upgrade one of your rooms, you can select any of the following services:

  • Interior Design Consultation
  • Bedroom/kitchen/bathroom Makeover
  • Interior Styling
  • Materials and finishes selection
  • Furniture Selection
  • Lighting Design

If you have no idea about interior design style, you can search first for the interior design trends on a magazine or call a professional Interior Designer right away so they can guide you every step of the way.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Victor Hughes via Unsplash

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