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One solution most people do to embrace the suburb vibes is by adding interior decoration that is exclusive to Sydney (e.g. French provincial, all white, fusion of historical and contemporary design).

These designs can truly make you feel welcome to your new neighbourhood. But you must be careful as these interior decoration styles have a make-it-or-break-it impact. To avoid breaking the style of your apartment, it’s advisable to hire a professional interior decorator in Sydney.

What are the services offered by Interior decorators in Sydney?

When considering hiring an interior decorator in Sydney, it’s ideal to familiarise yourself with all their services. This is to ensure that they are the right fit for your project.

Interior decorators in Sydney offers the following services:

Colour Consultancy

Colours add life to a room. But with all the available colours in today’s market, which of those colours or shades fits well with your apartment? The most common way to find the colour that best fits your apartment is by browsing magazines. But if you don’t like the constant flipping of pages, you can always seek help from a professional interior decorator in Sydney.

Most interior decorators in Sydney have a real eye and passion for colour. They ensure that every single piece of décor will blend in perfectly with the room. You will know if the interior decorator best fits your needs if he/she has previous experience handling the same home interior design style as yours. Other things that you must know about the interior decorator include:

    • The interior decorator has the right licence or certification to do the job.
    • The interior decorator must interview you to ask for your colour and style preference.
    • The interior decorator must have good communication skills and stays professional during the whole duration of the project.
  • Lastly, the interior decorator must strictly follow the agreed plan and materials to use.

Fabric Interior Decoration

Aside from accessories and furniture, another décor you can add to your apartment is fabric. The fabric is an effective solution to add texture and keep the symmetry between the furniture arrangement and wall colours. The fabrics that most interior decorators in Sydney use are acrylic, chiffon, cotton, silk, linen, organza, nylon, stretch fabrics, wool, rayon, and polyester.

The fabric Interior Decorator in Sydney works on these fabrics based on their texture. Few of them are described below:

    • The chiffon fabric has a lacy texture and lightweight. It is well-known for their durability and easiness for intensive washing. For these reasons, the interior decorator in Sydney uses this fabric to make interior and partition curtains.
    • The organza fabric is a thin sheer fabric with plain weave texture. This is commonly made from silk. An Interior Decorator in Sydney works on this fabric exactly like chiffon fabric, curtains. But this can also use for covers – sofa, cushion, lampshades, and table.
  • The stretch fabrics are made of a synthetic fabric that that is capable to be stretched. It is durable and convenient to wash. Most Interior Decorators in Sydney uses this fabric as bedspreads and covers – cushion and pillows.

Soft Furnishing Supplies

Beauty and comfort are the two factors that every Interior Decorator in Sydney aims to achieve in every project. For comfort, interior decorators add soft furnishings. The common soft furnishing that is available in Sydney are the following:

    • Curtains’ purposes will vary on your needs. It can serve as your house protection from excessive exposure to the sun, provide privacy or simply having a great background to your furniture. If you live in an old house, you can use curtains as well to hide oddly-shaped windows.
    • Cushions, bed throws, and pillows are the primary soft furnishing that provides comfort to your body. Most interior decorators in Sydney incorporates this to your home by adding your personal style and taste on it.
    • Fabric sheets for the bed and table covers are great soft furnishings used by the interior decorator in Sydney. This is because it adds outstanding details to the house. The feeling that it will convey throughout the house will vary on the texture of the materials used.
  • Rugs are used to give your flooring a softer look. An Interior Decorator in Sydney commonly uses rugs in houses with wood or plain cement flooring.

Wallpapers Installation Services

After you set the décor for flooring and hospitality spaces, an Interior Decorator in Sydney will then focus on your walls. Paint is the usual option for wall design. But for a more elegant appeal, most interior decorators prefer to use wallpaper. In terms of durability, it can also last for years.

The best place to install wallpapers is the living room, bedroom, and any other room that are not exposed to moisture.

Where to find a reliable Interior Decorator in Sydney?

In today’s technology, more resources become available to everyone in order to find a reliable interior decorator in Sydney. But since everyone now has a mobile phone or tablet, the most convenient way is through a tradie app. All you need to do is download the tradie app and follow the instructions it will provide you next.

HIREtrades is one of the most reliable tradie apps in Australia and it works by matching the right tradie for the job you need. Once HIREtrades finds three of the best tradies for your job, they will contact you and show their quotes for that job. If you like any of the tradies or want to interview them, you can do so by sending them a message through chat.

If you are interested, here’s a guide on how to post a job using HIREtrades tradie app.

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