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How to get your apartment interior design on peak

It may be the middle of the spring season. But this doesn’t mean that it’s too late to get your apartment interior design on board with spring’s top trends. There are tons of options for everyone.

So, whatever your age and style, interior designers have something to offer. The top four homeowner favourites are as follows:

Traditional Interior Design

Change is the only constant in life. But in apartment interior design, this isn’t applicable because the traditional design is still at the top of every homeowners list of favourite interior designs. This is mainly because of its basic but cozy and elegant charm.

The traditional design is inspired by European décor specifically between the 18th and 19th century. This style normally has a plain and light-coloured wall paint, matched with rich, dark colour flooring or vice versa.  You can then match it with artworks or patterned designs (stripes, plaids, damasks, florals, and stripes) for furniture and drapes. This will help the furniture to pop up gracefully. One good example of this is the photo below.

Traditional Interior Design

The living room has peach colour wall paint and hardwood flooring. The interior designer then matched it with few artistic photographs and, patterned throw pillow case and seat cover. If this is not something you want, you can always pick the below picture.

Traditional Interior Design

The white colour is one colour that will never go out of style because it can complement with almost every design and pattern. Though this can be tricky because the white colour can look dull and boring. But you can prevent this to happen by choosing bold colours like the blue sofa in the picture above. Not to mention, the patterned drapes that highlight the window side.

Simplicity with a little creativeness is the key for you to achieve the traditional interior design perfectly on your home.

Modern Interior Design

Everyone has their own name for modern interior design. Some called it the minimalist design; but mostly for others, they call it the millennial design. It may have known for several names, but the definition will remain the same – a design with clean lines, simple colour palette, functional and a hint of expressionism. The materials used on this interior design are glass, metal, and steel.

Modern interior design can be shown in two ways, one is shown below.

Modern Interior Design

This type of modern interior design shows simplicity and orderliness. The interior designer focused more on the primary needs of the homeowner which is an elegant room where they can just relax or hang out with friends.

Modern Interior Design

For the second type of modern interior design, the interior designer incorporated the characteristics of the homeowner. They blended in the beautiful artefacts and artworks with plain coloured flooring and patterned wall. The faux fur rug is a great touch because it highlights the coffee table section.

Urban Loft Interior Design

If you are a fan of old hardwood, high ceilings and hanging metal light fixtures, then the best apartment interior design for you is an urban loft. This is an ideal apartment interior design choice for someone living in warehouse-type of a building.

Though the high ceiling seems to be impossible to have for an apartment, you can still re-create this interior design by having an open floor plan. For small spaces, like the below pictures, you can choose dark-coloured wood for walls and floors, then match it with neutral coloured furniture and accessories.

Urban Loft Interior DesignPhoto Courtesy of Dane Deaner and Wes Hicks via Unsplash

Rustic Interior Design

The rustic interior design is all about emphasising the raw beauty of your home in an elegant manner. The common elements added to this design are rugged or unfinished-looking wall paint, flooring or furniture. One good example of this is the picture below. The designer keeps an ivory white shade for wall paint which complements with weather of spring. Also, they manage to incorporate a few rugged-looking elements such as the lamp, barrel as a side table, and the cuckoo clock.

Rustic Interior DesignPhoto Courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pexels

Rustic apartment interior design isn’t only fixed with rugged-looking furniture or accessories. You can also add some designs with a modern touch of furnishings like large pieces of accessories, a fireplace and faux animal rugs.

Updating your apartment interior design is exciting but can also be exhausting at the same time. If you don’t want to do too much work, you can still update your apartment’s appearance by adding some spring-inspired colours to your room. There are three colours that you should consider and those are the following:

    • Lavender is a great colour to add because it complements not only spring but summer too. So, you can enjoy these designs for another good season.
    • Light green is the colour of nature which describes the essence of spring. Not only that, it adds a fresh appeal to your whole apartment.
  • Yellow is a bold colour which is great if your personality is cheerful and energetic. Also, it adds a positive vibe on the overall atmosphere of your apartment.

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