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Interior Decoration Trends for Your Home this Spring 2018

We are nearing the end of Spring but has your house fully moved on from the Winter season? If not, now’s the best time to set aside your blankets and make way for Spring-inspired interior decoration!

Changing the ambience of your home is the best way to embrace the fresh start that spring brings. If you don’t have the time to makeover your home, you can always start with your interior decoration. For spring 2018, the latest interior decoration trends focuses on colour, interior decoration style, and texture.


Colour is the simplest and most effective solution to change the ambience of your home. If darker shades are the trend during the winter, spring is the exact opposite as it focuses on natural palettes.

When deciding what colour to pick for your home, it’s ideal to think about the tones that express earthy and laidback feelings. Here are the top three colours that you can consider for your interior decoration.

  • Hazy Blue

hazy bluePhoto Courtesy of Vinicius Amano via Unsplash

Bring the ocean’s breeze to your home with a hazy blue colour palette. This is an ideal colour choice for everyone who wants to unwind at home after a long, exhaustive day at work. The interior decoration that complements this colour shade are grainy texture, raw linens, and any elements that have a glass or metallic feature.

  • Raw Wood Yellow

raw wood yellowPhoto Courtesy of Kari Shea via Unsplash

Simple but full of life – This is how most interior designers describe this colour palette. This is an ideal colour choice for minimalists because this shade is best left bare. But if you want some additional storage, it’s best to choose interior decoration with wooden elements.

  • Nature Green

nature greenPhoto Courtesy of Erika Wittlieb via Pixabay

Spring is all about natural beauty and you can apply this at home with a touch of nature green. Nature green isn’t exactly part of the colour palette, but this means all shades of green – from light to leaf green. If you chose light shades of green, you can boost it up by adding clean black lines. This will help to highlight all the interior decoration around it.

Interior Decoration Style

The interior decoration’s main purpose is to boost the ambience of your interior design by adding relevant accessories. You may wonder what the best accessories for your interior designs are? To help you figure out what to include, here are two of the favourite interior designs of homeowners:

  • The Modernist Style

The Modernist StylePhoto Courtesy of keresi72 via Pixabay

Modernist is a term used to describe everyone who loves to express their passion with everything modern, most especially in arts. This design is commonly used in a monochromatic tone, but you can always change it depending on your creativity. The best interior decoration to add is glass, steel, and anything with metallic or artistic finishing.

  • The Millennial Style

The Millennial StylePhoto Courtesy of jaafoura via Pixabay

The millennial style expresses simplicity, durability, and function. Unlike the modernist style, millennial style options of colour are broad. The more pops of colour in any part of the room, the better. In terms of interior decoration, this style complements furniture that has a clean and crisp line. Huge throw pillows and metallic matte for kitchen equipment are a big yes as well.


The texture is the last to consider when choosing the relevant interior decoration for your home. This is because texture can influence the weight and tone of the room. The textures that complements the spring season are:

  • Handmade furniture that is made of rattan, wood, and wicker
  • Any accessories that have an embellishment (e.g. tassels, macramé and feathers)
  • Geometric designs for rugs and wallpapers
  • Carpets with shimmering or metallic finishes
  • Accessories with eclectic and salvaged looks (e.g. candlestick, lamps, etc.)
  • Statement ceiling is good to pair for plain painted walls

Bring the life in

potted plants decorationPhoto Courtesy of Sharani_Ramli via Pixabay

This is actually an important add-on because a spring-themed interior makeover will never be complete without adding potted plants. This will not only liven up your space but also boost your mood and the oxygen levels encircling in the room. The best indoor plants that you can consider adding are:

  • Cyclamen

CyclamenPhoto Courtesy of Lela via Pixabay

Cyclamen are perfect for adding bright colours to your home. This is available in pink, purple, and white colour.

  • Phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis orchidPhoto Courtesy of RainerBerns via Pixabay

Phalaenopsis orchid is an attractive flower that can have a calming influence. It has a wide range of colours such as white, pink and reddish purple. This can last up to three months.

  • Sanseveria

SanseveriaPhoto Courtesy of KatiaMaglogianni via Pixabay

If flowery plants aren’t your style, you can add a leafy plant instead. The ideal plant to have is the Sanseveria because it requires minimal watering. This plant has a long leaf that can grow 50 to 12cm tall.

Featured Photo Courtesy of witwiccan via Pixabay

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