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5 Questions to Remember When Hiring an Interior Designer

When planning a home redesign, whom do you call?

Interior designers play a pivotal role in enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of a house. Not only are they responsible for setting up your place to your desired look, but they can also come up with traffic flow patterns that are seamless and decluttered.

Some considerations can affect your decision especially if you haven’t partnered with a specialist before. Is it worth the cost? Will the project last? What are the right questions to ask?

To help avoid disasters, remember these 5 simple questions when hiring an interior designer:

Query #1: Will your expertise fit the project?

With a tremendous number of professionals in the industry, choosing the best interior designer who can meet your requirements and preferences can be a bit challenging. Like in other fields, these experts have their own specialisation where they reflect their knowledge on the actual result.

For instance, if you’re aiming for a bathroom remodel, it’s important to hire a designer specialising in that area. Someone who has a wide range of experience in bathroom set-ups is more appropriate to approach than the one whose expertise falls on either living rooms or kitchens.

Query #2: Can I have a look on your portfolio?

Another way to determine their forte is to ask for their work samples. Expert interior designer Greg Natale advises property owners to check their completed projects to get an overview of their style and approach in delivering results.

Doing so will help you know more about the scope of work they usually focus on and accept. Are they more concentrated on residential or commercial designs? Do they seek to learn other specialities that add to their skill set and expand their client reach? Are the actual designs aligned with what their previous clients expected during the initial planning?

Query #3: How do you set your priorities when budgeting?

Relaying your intended budget is important to determine if your finances align with your goal. Is it realistic and attainable? Are they able to work with your budget? Someone who is reliable will be honest to suggest ways on how to maximise your finances and rearrange the order of priority when necessary. Does the living room need more focus than the kitchen?

Interior designers have their own way of visualising things to achieve the outcome that they want. But a reliable designer makes a good balance between the client’s expectations and his desired goal while working within the agreed budget.

Query #4: Do you charge by the hour?

Clarifying the billing or payment method is one factor not to overlook. Most designers charge their clients an hourly basis to complete the work with less hassle. The only downside is the possibility of going beyond the agreed procedures especially when unexpected situations happen. On another note, others will require you to pay a fixed amount to help you organise your finances.

Another consideration is the person responsible for purchasing the materials for the project. If you prefer to leave the buying process to them, it simply requires paying an additional fee for the service rendered. Make sure to settle the matter during the planning stage to avoid future delays and dispute.

Query #5: What will be the scope of work?

Learning about their skills, philosophy and requirements is not enough to choose a suitable interior designer. Knowing other relevant details including their standard process and course of action is important to have clear expectations.

Proper documentation is essential to ensure that each procedure is done on time and in accordance with the agreement.

Prepping Up Before the Consultation

A business or professional specialising in complete interior design service can guide homeowners in decision-making. When you come face to face with an interior designer, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Your expectations. Doing your research lets you understand what you want from them. Getting your ideas on the plate before meeting with a potential adviser also gives them an impression that you’re serious about your plan.
  • Terms and conditions. Industry professionals have their own policies to follow. If you sense the need to alter the initial plan of design or concept in the middle of the process, you can anticipate a few tweaks on the project deadline and billing method. Clarifying this before the actual work is advisable to know about their standard process when it comes to number of revisions required.
  • Your trust. It’s fulfiling to see a good collaboration between the client and the consultant. When they perceive your trust and confidence in them, it may reassure you of less worry about the results.

There’s nothing wrong to ask multiple questions especially when your time and finances are involved. It helps to bring up your concerns, sort things out and maximise your efforts. Consider this guide before hiring a reliable interior designer.

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