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Why you need an interior decorator for your home?

Many find hiring professional interior decorators a luxury rather than a necessity for home renovations. This is the common misconception every homeowner has for interior decorators. But the truth is, hiring an interior decorator is a wise move because they can guarantee to improve the quality of the space.

When should you hire a professional interior decorator? The best time to hire one is when the renovation project involves work primarily on furnishings or accessorizing. But you can always call an interior decorator whenever you encounter or deal with any of the following situations:

Updating an Old house

A professional interior decorator is always a must-need whenever updating old houses. Mainly for the reason that they know how to create a new look for the house while respecting its past character.

Some of the works that interior decorators do for old houses are:

  • Painting is a simple, and effective, solution in hiding décor flaws. Painting is not only good for concealment, but is also effective in maintaining a consistent look to the house and highlighting a certain accent décor.
  • Windows in old houses usually have a peculiar shape, size, and style. And sometimes are installed in odd places. If the homeowner doesn’t agree with windows replacement, the most the interior decorator will do is just add draperies or other related solution to hide it.
  • Rustic is the common vibe of an old house. To boost that vibe, an interior decorator will add more pieces that are made of woven décor, patina and linen.

Replace Outdated décor

If updating the whole house (old) is too challenging or intimidating for you, you can always start small. But even this seems to be a small job, you will still need the help of a professional interior decorator. This is because they know how they can help you sort all the old décor that can be replaced or not. Here’s a list of outdated décors that can be replaced:

  • Farmhouse-inspired décor
  • Industrial kitchen
  • Décor with rose gold colour or repetitive design
  • Faucets, handles, and cabinet outlet cover

New house

A new house is like a blank canvass, there’s enough space for you to get creative. Some think that this is much easier than updating an old house. But that’s not true! Filling an empty space can be tough especially if you have no idea with what décor matches with the room style and size.

It’s wiser to ask assistance from a professional interior decorator because they can avoid the trial-and-error stage that can lead to expensive re-dos.

Home for Sale

Making your house visually appealing is a must-do when placing your house in the market. For the simple reason that this is the first thing the viewers will see. The more attractive your house is, the more offers you will receive.

Hiring a professional interior decorator is recommended to do this job because of the following reasons:

  • They can add a fresh approach to the house.
  • They can redefine each rooms’ function.
  • They can add more value to your home by making small rooms look bigger.

Repurposing room decoration

Old décor may look grimy and boring, not to mention the damages it acquires through the years. But a professional interior designer always finds creative ways to repurpose old décors appearance. It’s a total money-saver for you as you won’t be needing to have it repaired or buy a new one.

Most of the decorations that interior designer repurposes are:

  • Resurfacing old cabinet doors
  • Transforming ladders into a bookshelf
  • Old bicycle wheels into a functioning clock
  • Doorknob plates into wall towel hooks

Adding function

Aside from appearance, the other reason you want to upgrade the house is to improve its function. Maybe you have a new addition to the family or you want to rent out your extra room, whatever your additional needs are a professional interior decorator can help you maximise your space.

Décor doesn’t fit to the room’s purpose

There are different reasons why a certain décor doesn’t fit the room’s purpose and few of them are:

  • Homeowners focus mainly on the décor’s purpose and not its appearance.
  • Homeowners change the interior design and forgot to update the décors.
  • There are some décors that look pretty on the magazine or store, but when you incorporate it in the room it doesn’t look well.

Interior decoration can be confusing at times. This is the reason it becomes a better option to hire a professional interior decorator, so they can guide and advise you on the process.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Radu Marcusu via Unsplash 

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