10 Small Kitchen Ideas For Your Apartment

Living in the city has many advantages. But one disadvantage of living in an apartment is the limited space, especially with a small kitchen. Good thing there are small kitchen ideas that can help apartment owners to make their kitchen space more functional and spacious.

The kitchen is usually the area in the apartment that everyone wants to maintain. Since renovation needs permission from the landlord (presuming you’re renting it out), the most convenient way to achieve this is by having a simple makeover. If you’re looking for ideas, here are 10 small kitchen ideas that would fit into your style.

1. Add Glass

This is one of the best small kitchen ideas to create an illusion of more space. You can achieve this by incorporating glass pieces on your cabinets, benchtops, or adding glass chairs and bar stool.

But for this to be effective, you must paint your kitchen surroundings with a lighter and softer colour. Since most apartments don’t have direct contact of sunlight, the light colour will be the one to reflect on the mirrors keeping your place brighter.

2. Install Cabinet System to Maximise Storage

Being organised is one of the most practical ways you can maximise your kitchen space. You can do this by adding cabinet systems. Some of the cabinet systems that are good for the small kitchen are:

3. Sliding Table with Hideaway Features

The dining table usually takes up too much space in your kitchen. It isn’t that highly needed since you are always out – either in the office or running errands. But you still must own one in case you have visitors.

A clever way to solve this is by adding a sliding table with hideaway features. You can keep it stored so you can move freely daily. And when you need it, you can easily slide it open.

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4. The Minimalist Design

The minimalist design is one of the favourite small kitchen ideas of many. This is because it showcases a clean and organised space. You can apply this design by painting light colours on your plain cabinets and walls.

But don’t overdo the plain light colours because it could end up looking boring. Adding furniture or rugs with striking colours is a good trick to spice things up.

5. The Cube-Shaped Kitchen

This design has a slightly but stunning curved ceiling with two and a half walls. The half is where the bar-type counter will be placed. This is one of the best small kitchen ideas because it has an open design. You can easily get in and out with no problem, and still, watch TV even while you are preparing your meal.

6. Let there be light

There are some apartments that have few numbers of windows. If your apartment has windows, it’s advisable to move your kitchen close to it. This is to freely let the natural light into your kitchen. If it is impossible for you to move your kitchen, you can still brighten up your kitchen by adding more light fixtures.

7. Choose Multi-Purpose Fixtures

Aside from cabinets, it’s also ideal to add multi-purpose fixtures such as a kitchen island. There are kitchen islands that are designed with lots of drawers and wheels. The advantage of this kitchen island is to give you additional working space and storage. At the same time, its wheels give you comfort in moving and placing it anywhere you want.

Another multi-purpose fixture is a kitchen sink with a built-in dishwasher. Dishwashers are known for being a big and bulky. But if you choose a sink with built-in dishwasher, you can place other kitchen equipment in the space of the dishwasher, or simply free up space.

8. Splashback Windows

Splashback Windows is one of the most creative small kitchen ideas because you will create the illusion of having a window with a great view of scenery at your kitchen. This is a good option if your apartment doesn’t have a window or a good view of scenery outside.

To highlight it more, you can add some accents like a silvery faucet.

9. Choose Small Appliances

The easiest way for you to conserve space in your kitchen is to choose appliances that are small. Many believe that small appliances will make their kitchen look cheap. This is not true at all! With today’s technology, almost every manufacturer is making their appliances small and portable. This is to ensure they will help their customers to have an easier and comfortable time using it.

If you can buy small multi-purpose appliances as well, it is much better.

10. Put Vertical Stripes

The last on the list of small kitchen ideas is putting vertical stripes on your kitchen. Vertical and wide stripes make the illusion of a bigger space. You can incorporate this on your walls, rugs, and other accessories.

If you want to add more depth to it, you can use contrasting colours like navy blue and white.

Space will always be one of the primary concerns of everyone who lives in an apartment. Good thing this can easily be solved by reading efficient small kitchen ideas given by professional designers or contractors.

Featured Photo Courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

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