Top 12 Kitchen Design Trends in Australia

Most interior designers are bidding goodbye to minimalism and welcoming a smarter, top kitchen design at the start of a new decade!

If there’s a word to describe a top kitchen design trend, “eclectic” is the nearest term to use. The art of eclecticism simply depicts the ever-changing behaviour of styles in the world of visually-oriented individuals.

Before breaking the bank, consider some important factors such as the storage capacity and accessibility of the furniture and appliances. Are they easy to reach? Do they have a designated powerpoint installed nearby?

Understanding its importance can help you obtain convenience despite the busy nature of the area.

To guide you when arranging a perfect layout that suits your home, here are 12 top kitchen designs for 2020:

1. Colour Palette Integration

Australia's 2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends [Updated] -Colour Palette Integration

Matching your preferred style with this year’s colour pantone is a good idea to start. On a side note, incorporating a warmer colour, a touch of brown and earthy tones portrays timeless beauty. Gold and copper are two options that you can try for this instance. A mix-and-match strategy can be applied to arrive at the best combination and add character to the room.

2. Overhead Cabinets

Australia's 2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends [Updated] - Overhead Cabinets

Aside from revamping the aesthetic aspect, adding functionality to your kitchen area should be taken seriously. Ease of access is a core consideration in any residential or commercial kitchens.

Reducing unnecessary appliances and furniture is advisable to maximise the use of the ceiling height and make appropriate additions. Some cabinetry products are also customised to create space for other stuff like condiments, dressings and even cookie trays.

3. Added Appliances

Australia's 2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends [Updated] - Added Appliances

Gas hobs integrated into benchtops are recently introduced in the country. Not only are they stylish in appearance, but they are also energy-efficient and highly functional.

Induction cooktops are also becoming a popular choice for homeowners as they require a lower level of cleaning compared with other cooking appliances. Aside from these, under-counter fridges will continue to become a trend this 2020.

4. Clutter-free Countertops

Australia's 2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends [Updated] - Clutter Free Countertops

Keeping your benchtop clean is not only appealing but also essential to avoid pest invasion. When it comes to material types, quartz will be more valued than granite countertops. Aside from its durability, it also offers a variety of textures and colours.

In terms of dimension, benchtops will be thinner compared to a standard 40mm size. A 12mm size is slowly being used by homeowners to achieve a sleeker and sophisticated look.

5. Storage Solutions

Australia's 2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends [Updated] - Storage Solutions

Adding a butler’s pantry to your area allows for broader space. Small appliances such as kettles, toasters and microwaves placed inside a storage locker will not only free up your kitchen but will also give a seamless design.

Practicality is also a top kitchen design trend for 2020! You can always get help from a qualified kitchen builder and designer to improve the room’s overall functionality.

6. All Black Cabinets

Australia's 2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends [Updated] - All Black Cabinets

Black cabinets and steel appliances are expected to appear in most homes this year. If you prefer to create a dramatic appeal, you can incorporate matte black into some of your fixtures such as sinks and benchtops.

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7. Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Australia's 2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends [Updated] - Multipurpose Islands

Aside from the benefit of portraying a modernised look, adding this feature to your space also promotes minimal work activities without having to move from one location to another.

8. Pet-friendly floors

Australia's 2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends [Updated]

If you have pets in your home, choosing the best flooring option is important. Scratch and stain resistant floors are ideal to avoid costly repairs in the future. When it comes to choosing a suitable material type, vinyl can be used. Porcelain tiles are also ideal to avoid damage to your floorings.

9. Open Shelving

Cabinet Open Shelves

Open is the new closed, for practical and aesthetic reasons. Open because it gives the sense of having everything visible and at the same time providing easy access to items. 2020 is also an era where minimalism takes a back seat and inspirations from hotels and retail are the trend.

10. Coloured Upholstery

Australia's 2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends [Updated] - Coloured Upholstery

Pure white kitchens? Minimalist designs? That’s so 2019! We can expect to see inspirations from fast food restaurants or 90’s diners which have coloured upholstery seating.

11. Raw Materials

Australia's 2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends [Updated] - Raw Materials

Our Aussie homes can expect to be inspired by the more elegant European top kitchen designs which have natural elements such as stone, wood and marble.

12. Darker Interiors

Australia's 2019 Top Kitchen Design Trends [Updated] - Darker Interiors

All-white kitchens are becoming less trendy this 2020 as darker colour schemes take the spotlight. From earthy and natural tones to bold colours such as deep reds and purples, you can choose whatever matches your kitchen utensils and storage lockers.

What other design trends did we miss out? Share with us your ideas and start redecorating your precious kitchen space!


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