5 Pieces of Advice for Planning a Cheap Kitchen Renovation

A new house is always a symbol of a fresh beginning for the family. But that good feeling can fade away easily as you unravel problems in your kitchen. To ensure that kitchen problems won’t ruin your fresh start, you can immediately plan a hassle-free and cheap kitchen renovation.

Planning a hassle-free and cheap kitchen renovation seems impossible. But if you know exactly what to include in your plan, you will make your dream kitchen a reality.

Here are 5 pieces advice for planning a hassle-free and cheap kitchen renovation:

1. Look for the problematic areas

Problems are always the main cause of stress in kitchen renovations. Therefore, it’s a must for every homeowner to identify all of them at once to minimise the element of unpleasant surprise. At the same time, it will help you determine the accurate solutions you need.

It’s ideal to take note of all the problematic areas in your kitchen and rank it according to its urgency level. Big problems such as plumbing, insufficient ventilation and lighting should always be placed on your top priorities.

2. Focus on what you need

The best way for you to have a cheap kitchen renovation is by focusing on you and your family’s needs. Also, the kitchen must meet the following qualities to ensure its effectivity: functionality, aesthetically appealing, quality and safety.

You can achieve all these by listing down all your needs such as a well-planned workflow, adequate walking space, and storage system.

3. Choose your Design

The common misconception people have when going for a cheap kitchen renovation is you must choose a simple and dull-looking design because gorgeous kitchen designs cost a fortune. This is not true! You don’t have to sacrifice quality when doing a cheap kitchen renovation. This is because there are tons of affordable kitchen designs today.

Here are the top 3 kitchen designs that are in-demand this 2018:

  • Monochromatic kitchens

If your new house has a limited number of windows, monochromatic kitchens are the best option to have. This may be the simplest design on the list, but it is proven to be the most effective in brightening any room.

One way to deliver this design to your kitchen is by painting your walls, ceiling, and upper cabinets with a creamy white colour, while the base cabinets are painted in grey to dark charcoal shade.

  • Everything Violet

If your family prefers a modern touch to your kitchen, you can always choose a bold colour like violet. Violet is one of the most in-demand colours of 2018 because some believe that it symbolises innocence, peace, and power.

One way to deliver this design is by painting your kitchen with a different shade of violet. You can start your wall dark and the others are light, or vice versa. This is to ensure you highlight each area of the kitchen. The other colours that complement well with violet are white and yellow.

  • A mix of Rustic and Modern styles

This list wouldn’t be complete without a design that mixes rustic and modern styles. This becomes a popular choice of kitchen design because of their individual appeal which heightens the warmth and comfort set in your kitchen.

One way to deliver this is by painting your walls white (choose light-coloured countertop as well), while your cabinets are painted in a darker colour. Choose wood materials for your floor tiles and for the furniture, place a mix of wood and bold-coloured materials to have some pop of happiness in your kitchen.

4. Create Cost Sheet

After identifying the problematic areas, list down all your family’s needs and decided what design to apply; you are now ready to create a cost sheet. In the cost sheet, you need to input all the things you will be needing for this hassle-free and cheap kitchen renovation project. These include, but not limited to:

  • Major items and quantity needed for the renovation project (e.g. paint, tiles)
  • Professional Fees (e.g. handyman, plumber)
  • Miscellaneous Fees (e.g. cleaning supplies, shipping fees if you order any items online)

The list of costs can be lessened if you hire a kitchen renovator expert. This is because they have their own tools and protective gears. They can also give you discounts when buying major items.

Another way to lessen the cost is by looking at the furniture or items that can still be saved on your kitchen renovation. For example, the cabinets look old, but its structure is still in good condition. Instead of replacing it, you can just do some resurfacing to update its appearance and functionality.

5. Prepare for the unexpected

No matter how you thoroughly plan your hassle-free and cheap kitchen renovation project, there will always be unpleasant surprises that may come along the way. The best way to deal with these unpleasant surprises or changes is to prepare yourself – emotionally and financially.

The ideal way to prepare for this is by adding 5 to 10% to your actual budget. This may change (more or less) depending on the size of your kitchen and the amount of work needed to be done.

Having a hassle-free and cheap kitchen renovation is everyones dream. But you can turn this into reality if you stick with your plan. Also, always remember when you plan a hassle-free and cheap kitchen renovation, think long-term. This is to ensure that all the features you kept and added will benefit you and your family in the long run.

Featured Photo Courtesy of ElasticComputerFarm via Pixabay

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