5 Tips For Renovating a Kitchen

Does your kitchen look old or dull? Renovating it is one of the best solutions as this will beautify and boost the overall functionality of your kitchen space.

Some homeowners avoid any form of renovations because of the possible stress they may experience when handling such projects. Not to mention the possible cost they will shoulder. But renovating a kitchen can be stress-free if you have a detailed plan on hand.

Your plan must contain everything you need plus any possible unforeseen circumstances. Being prepared is the key to success when renovating. To ensure you will get the most out of your kitchen renovation, here are 5 simple tips for renovating a kitchen.

Set your budget

Renovating a kitchen is expensive – this is the common perception of many when it comes to renovation.

  • $22,000 – This is for homeowners with a small kitchen or under a strict budget.
  • $34,000 – This is for medium-sized or standard kitchens.
  • $40,000 and up – This is for large-scale and luxurious kitchens.

These prices can change depending on the materials you will use and your locations.

But the truth is you can spend less on your kitchen renovation. This is possible by setting your budget to 15% of the overall value of your house. When you come up with the total amount, you must determine all your expenses and allot the necessary budget for each. There are some professionals who advise homeowners to allot each expense by the following:

  • 42% for the overall construction cost which includes installation of windows, doors, flooring, and labour.
  • 20% for cabinets.
  • 14% for appliances and ventilation.
  • 10% for countertops.
  • 5% for lighting fixtures.
  • 4% for plumbing fixtures.
  • 3% for painting jobs.
  • 2% for tiles materials.

Set your renovation goals

After setting up your budget, the next thing to set is your renovation goals. You have to ask yourself what the purpose of the renovation is. Is this to maximise your space, add more functionality or to cater to your lifestyle?

This is very important to determine because this will help you sort out the important goals over the not-so-important goals.

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Choose and visualise your kitchen design

This is the most exciting part of renovating a kitchen – choosing and visualising your kitchen design.

Visualising is included in the process because choosing the right design isn’t enough. There are some homeowners that have tons of ideas for their kitchen. But when the contractor delivers the goods, they will then realise that everything doesn’t complement each other. So, to ensure everything fits well you must visualise it by collecting pictures of your chosen furniture or fixtures, and colours of the paint. Once completed you should place it on a mood board for you to see on how they turn out.

Other things to consider when choosing the right design for your kitchen are:

  • Making your design appliance-friendly

A good kitchen design always has a place for everything and this includes appliances and furniture.  There are some designs that, even if they look amazing, are not appliance-friendly. For example, the refrigerator door is right against the wall or when you open a cabinet, it will consume the space for walking.

To avoid these, you must plan the kitchen layout ahead of time for you to know the right place for each appliance and furniture.

  • Smallest Details matter

When renovating a kitchen, most homeowners are too focused on the major details. There’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t forget to look at the smallest details as well. These type of details consist of sinks, faucets, edge detail selection and hinges.

Make a small kitchen large without the sledgehammer

When renovating a kitchen, some homeowners decide to demolish everything and start from scratch. This is one of the primary reasons’ renovation is expensive.  You don’t have to do this because there are tons of ways to expand your kitchen. Here are some of the ways you can do it:

  • Choose light colours

Light and bright colours reflect natural lights, this makes the kitchen feel more spacious. You can incorporate this in the colour on walls, countertops, cabinets or backsplashes.

  • Go for open shelving

Open shelving can also make your kitchen look airy and larger. Not to mention, they make the kitchen more accessible since you can easily reach everything you need on the open shelving. The best items to place on the open shelving are coffee cups, cookbooks, serving platter, and wine racks.

  • Bring down a wall

If you’re not satisfied with just the feeling, you can always expand your kitchen by tearing down one of your walls.

Make a wise investment

Lowering the cost of the renovation is practical. But there are some factors when renovating a kitchen that you can’t simply put down to cost – including materials, labour, and appliances. These are the factors that guarantee flexibility and a longer life for your kitchen. So, it’s best to invest a little more on professional contractors, high-quality materials, and branded appliances.

Renovating a kitchen has its fair share of ups and downs. But these can all be avoided with the right help on your side. Find your reliable contractor for your kitchen renovation with HIREtrades!

Featured Photo Courtesy of Giovanni Gargiulo via Pixabay

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