How to Renovate a Kitchen for the Family

how to renovate a kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the house. This is where everyone prepares their meals, bonds with family over a delicious meal, or simply hangs out while they watch their children do their homework. For these reasons, the kitchen is indeed the heart of the home.

Also, for the same reasons, it becomes important to create a kitchen space that every family member would benefit from. Looking for the perfect design is easy if you know what your family’s needs are. Here are some of the tips on how to renovate a kitchen for the family.

Plan the Layout

When knowing how to renovate a kitchen, it’s always good to start by thoroughly planning the overall layout. To ensure each family member of yours (both adults and kids) would enjoy staying in the kitchen, you must create an inviting and accessible space. You can do this by having an open floor plan.

From the name itself, this plan is combining one room to your kitchen by tearing down the wall(s) in between. This room can either be your dining or living room. This is a good option because you, as parents, can easily see your children’s activities while working in the kitchen. At the same time, your children can easily access the kitchen whenever they want snacks.

Create Zone Defence

After creating a plan for the layout, the next tip on how to renovate a kitchen is identifying the zone defence on your kitchen. Each of the zone defences is designed with specific functionalities. The advantage of zone defence is keeping your kitchen organised at all times.

The zones that you must add to your kitchen are the following:

  • Work Zone

This is the most important zone in the kitchen because this is where the main action is happening – cooking, preparing meals and more. This zone will provide additional comfort for you and even increase your productivity because everything you need is already in one place.

  • Artsy Crafty Zone

This zone is exclusive for the children. This is where they will do all their activities such as colouring, playing, or doing homework. You can build this zone either with freestanding or multipurpose banquette design.

These designs are both kid-friendly. But if you want to control more of their movements, it’s ideal to have the banquette design. This is because it’s harder for kids to escape from the banquette.

  • Breakfast Zone

The busiest time of the day in the kitchen is in the morning. Everyone is rushing to make sure they will go to school and work on time. Once everyone is gone, the kitchen will be left with tons of clutter lying around, almost everywhere.

You can solve that problem by having a breakfast zone. The breakfast zone is designed with different cabinets that are good for storing breakfast food such as bread and cereals, and utensils. While on the counter, you can place all the kitchen equipment that commonly used for breakfast (e.g. coffee maker, toaster, etc.).

  • Snacks zone

No matter how busy you are working in the kitchen, children will always interrupt you whenever they get hungry or want snacks. That’s totally fine! The only downside of it is exposing the children to possible danger like splashing of hot oil whenever frying pork or fish.

To avoid facing possible dangers, it’s best to include a built-in refrigerator rack where all the children’s snacks are stored inside such as milk juices, biscuits or sliced fruits.

Safety First

The most important tip on how to renovate a kitchen is safety. The kitchen is not the safest place for children to be – there are tons sharp of objects, pointy counter edge, and slippery floor. To keep your children safe from all types of danger, it’s best to include safety features in your kitchen by choosing round-shaped corners counters and slip-resistant floor tiles.

Be Practical

When people are looking for ways on how to renovate a kitchen, some tend to get carried away. They will add new features that consume too much space or they don’t even need. New additions are great to have but it’s best to focus only on the features that you and your family need.

Some of the features that practically work and benefit the whole family are:

  • Easy-to-Clean Counters

Cleaning is one task that commonly consumes most of the homeowners time. To ensure you will not get caught up with this task, it’s best to choose materials that can easily be cleaned and maintained.

Counters are where homeowners do most of their preparation in cooking. So, it’s ideal to choose a material that is durable and can clean in one wipe. Quartz, leathered granite, and glass tiles are some of the materials you can choose.

Quartz surfaces are durable and strong. Also, since quartz is non-porous it’s easy to keep it bacteria-free and can easily absorb the liquid.

Leathered granite has a fingerprint and smudge resistance feature.

Glass tiles are easy to clean and 100% recyclable.

  • Warming drawer

A warming drawer is a great addition to the kitchen.  This will ensure that, no matter how late each family member came home, the food will remain warm.

  • Step-On-Up Stool

The step-on-up stool is a handy tool in the kitchen. Both children and adults can use this whenever they want to reach something at a high place.

Paint to Wow!

Last on the tips on how to renovate a kitchen is the wall design and colour. This is an important factor in the kitchen as this will complete the overall mood that you set for the kitchen.

When choosing the right paint, don’t just choose any colour that will increase the kitchen aesthetically. You also have to consider other features such the ability to be cleaned and maintained easily. One of the good options for wall and ceiling is the semi-gloss paint.

Kitchen walls are prone to stains and doodles. So, for families with toddlers, it’s ideal to apply semi-gloss wall paint. Once this paint has been applied, it becomes easier for the wall to clean. You just need to mix water and non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner, and everything will go back to its natural beauty.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Skeeze via Pixabay

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