Kitchen Renovations Before and After Photos

A kitchen renovation is an investment that every homeowner makes to boost their property’s value. The satisfaction can be overwhelming when seeing the kitchen renovations before and after results.

That’s the reason it’s advisable to hire a professional kitchen renovator because they understand how to combine your style and kitchen needs together in order to achieve great results. The key to ensuring you will get your money’s worth is to get the right design. If you are looking for ideas, here are some amazing kitchen renovation ideas with before and after photos:

Overhaul Kitchen Renovations

kitchen renovation before and after photoPhoto Courtesy of domeckopol and keresi72 via Pixabay

If your kitchen seems to be beyond repair, the overhaul is the best solution to take. Here are some tips about how you can have a successful kitchen renovation:

  • Paint Matters

Painting is the simplest solution to uplift your kitchen’s appearance. Colours represent different moods so you can easily match it with the mood you want to set for your kitchen. Paint can beautify your kitchen by concealing all its’ imperfections. There are even some paint brands that can even heal minor cracks and flaws.

Aside from the convenience, painting has tons of benefits such as increasing the protection against elements, insects and life expectancy of the furniture and walls. All these at an affordable cost.

  • Make a Wise Flooring Choice

Flooring is the busiest part of the kitchen. Therefore, you must choose a flooring material that can last for a long time and at the same time, can maintain and clean easily. One of the most practical options is hardwood flooring, like the one in the kitchen renovations ‘after’ photos above.

Hardwood flooring provides better indoor air quality, colour doesn’t fade over time and absorbs sounds or vibrations. And with regular maintenance, hardwood flooring can last up to 100 years. If you consider having these, you have several options to choose from, which can include: Tasmanian oak, Jarrah and Blackbutt.

  • Adequate Storage System

An adequate storage system will ensure that equipment, tools, and food in the kitchen are organised and well-kept. Some of the kitchen cabinet designs you can add are classic white patterned cabinets, rose gold steel open cabinet, all black cabinet with glass door, and cabinets with porthole door.

Upgrading Old to Modern Styles

Kitchen Renovations Before and After PhotoPhoto Courtesy of hansbenn via Pixabay & Sarah Jane via Pexels

When renovating old houses, just like the kitchen renovations before and after photos above, you have two options: incorporate a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. This is to ensure that everything will still compliment on the original appearance of the kitchen. Or, incorporate contemporary style only.

Either option you choose, you will still end up with a great kitchen. If you want this style for your house, here are some tips on how you can achieve the kitchen renovations before and after photos above:

  • Style and Condition

When renovating old houses, some people tend to throw everything out to minimise the mess inside. This is not a wise move because there are tons of furniture that may seem to look old but are still in good condition. To avoid wasting good-condition furniture, it’s best to inspect all of it carefully.

Resurfacing or repainting are two of the recommended solution to update the look of the furniture. But if you want to retain its original look, you can just apply some protective treatment on it.

  • Update lighting Fixtures

Lighting is one of the essential elements in the kitchen. There are old houses that are lacking good lighting. If this is the case, you must add an effective lighting system to brighten up your kitchen. Some of the choices of lighting are:

      • Surface lights – the usual lighting fixtures that you see in every household. This is a good option because this lighting fixture can complement a kitchen that was built from the 1980s to the 20th century. The only downside of this fixture is it requires regular cleaning.
      • Pendant lights – a more sophisticated choice because of its appearance – metal shade and suspended with either a metal rod or chain. If you are not satisfied with this, you can choose other materials for its shade: glass, natural tan burlap drum, and plastic. The advantage of this is it has good visibility both to the working area and the surrounding areas.
    • Accent lights – not a major lighting fixture like pendant and surface lights but it’s good to have in the kitchen if you want to highlight a certain feature in the room.
  • Add kitchen Island

For big kitchens, like the one in the kitchen renovations before and after photos above, having a kitchen island is a great option as it will provide more storage space for you and a working area for the kids.

But don’t forget to ask help from a Kitchen Builder Experts for suggestions.

One of the common designs, like the one at the ‘after’ photo above, you can choose is the wide island that can also serve as a casual dining table.

The other designs that you can choose are the following:

      • A mobile island is an ideal option for a small space because you can always move it whenever you need more space.
      • If your focus is solely to increase storage capacity, you can add the shelf and storage island. The design is straightforward, one side will contain all the drawers; while the other is either a combination of shelves and drawers or purely shelves only.
    • Lastly, for homeowners who want to express their creativity, you can choose the experimental island. The design of this island will rely on the homeowners’ wildest ideas like an aquarium below the countertops for example.

Featured Photo Courtesy of hansbenn and ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

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