How Much Does It Cost to Carry Out a Kitchen Remodel?

A kitchen can cost about $30,146.96 on average. Homeowners spend around $16,900 in improving their kitchen area.

Of course, the costs vary depending on the materials used, size of the kitchen, and the layout of the kitchen area.

If you have found a kitchen remodeling contractor that is fit for the job, it is a must to develop a plan and plot the pay schedules.

However, take note that there are details that you should consider since it will add up to your total cost of kitchen remodel.

Smaller projects include tasks like wall paintings, cabinet refacing, and sink upgrading. These tasks demand lower costs since they are only considered as minor improvements in your kitchen.

Improving your kitchen enhances the overall appearance of your home. It is where meals are being prepared, so it is a must to maintain it attractive and to welcome at all times.

Kitchen remodel is a must if you would like to boost your home’s value. It can be the most expensive, but it definitely works.

Remodel Cost Estimation

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The first step in estimating your kitchen renovation is to picture out your kitchen as a whole. Go over the big question first before you shift to smaller details like refacing your cabinets or replacing them.

Ask yourself what do you want to change in your kitchen. How do you want it to look? Do you want to expand it or make it smaller?

Remember, you don’t need to change everything at once. Take one step at a time to ensure you’re within the means of your budget. Don’t forget that you have alternatives in every decision you’ll make for your kitchen.

Instead of replacing all the cabinets, you can have them refaced. That will save you much money and time. To make it simple, consider some alternative solutions before you resort on replacing everything in your kitchen.

Cost Breakdown of Kitchen Remodel

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Check the standard cost breakdown of a kitchen remodel below:

Fees in Design – 4%
Installation Fee- 17%
Electric Appliances and Ventilation – 14%
Hardware and Cabinets – 29%
Counters -10%
Lighting Fixtures – 5%
Flooring and Tiles – 7%
Doors and New Windows- 4%
Walls -5 %
Plumbing – 4%
Miscellaneous – 1%

Making cuts in particular places can save your renovation costs. Example, instead of investing in expensive glass cabinets, you can install hardwood cabinets for your kitchen.

It’s way cheaper and stylish since wood elements create a peaceful ambience in your kitchen. Aside from this, you can accomplish some basic replacements by yourself.

You can break up your kitchen remodel over time. You don’t need to finish it right away. Make sure to keep track of your budget and resources.

It’s best to go step by step so you can precisely assess the changes you have made.

Factors in Kitchen Remodel

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There are factors to consider in remodeling your kitchen. You need to keep in mind the budget and cost-effectiveness of the project before you start working on it.

By planning it ahead of time, it’s possible to execute a kitchen renovation that meets your expectations and goals.

Overall Budget

Your number one concern when planning for a kitchen remodel is the budget. It determines how much can be accomplished and the quality of the materials you can use.

Plan your budget wisely so you will not end up with an unfinished remodel project. It usually happens after the funds run out.

Kitchen remodels can be categorised as low cost, mid-range, and major kitchen remodel depending on the budget allocated to it.

You should also set aside an emergency budget for unexpected expenses during the remodeling of your kitchen. This can be additional expenses for the plumbing, cabinetry, or structural costs that may arise along the process.

Duration of Living in Your Home

If you are currently planning to have a kitchen remodel, ask yourself first how long do you plan to live in your current home. Are you staying in that house for good?

Whatever your answer is to this question, you need to apply the rule of the thumb that you should only spend up to 15% of your home’s total value in kitchen upgrade.

If you are planning to stay in your home longer years after the remodel, you can consider buying new countertops, cabinets, and other furniture for your kitchen.

Standard Kitchen Remodeling Elements

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The usability and functionality of your kitchen dramatically depend on your countertops. Choose the materials that are the right fit for the kitchen style you have.

Opt for durable ones that can last longer without replacing them. Some suggestions for countertops are Corian and granite materials. Their durability is not questionable, but they come at a higher price.


Cabinets give your kitchen a distinct look. Having a difficult-to-use cabinet means your kitchen could be in need of updates and improvements.

Installing a new design enhances the looks and usability of your kitchen.


One of the most significant factors in your estimated cost is the flooring. Choose flooring that will add value to your kitchen remodel, and not just because it’s the most expensive option. Opt to granite or wood if you would like to increase the usability of your kitchen.

Final Thoughts…

Planning for a kitchen remodel carries with it certain costs and expenses that you need to consider. Coming with a rough estimation helps in keeping you within the budget. It’s also suggested to hire a Kitchen Builder Expert to help you with your kitchen remodel if you are not confident that you will be able to accomplish it alone.

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