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5 Ideas to Improve Your Front Yard Landscaping

The front yard is the first area of the house that your guests notice. Therefore, it’s only right to make it interesting and appealing. You can do this by improving your front yard landscaping.

If you already have a functional garden, there’s no need for you to re-do it all over again. Simple improvements will always do the trick. Here are five ideas to improve your front yard landscaping.

Add a Flower-Covered Entrance

Uplift your entrance by adding a flower-covered arbour. This is beneficial if you grow climbing plants because an arbour is a great tool to support it. But if you have none, you can always start to grow one after you install a flower-covered arbour.

The arbour becomes a great option for entrances because it is very versatile to use. Take the below photos for example. The arbour on the left is covered with beautiful flowers with an attached gate below it that helps your home safe from trespassers. While the arbour on the right, it serves as a shade on the pathway.

Flower-Covered EntrancePhoto Courtesy of lapping via Pixabay and Gautier Salles via Unsplash

With arbours versatility, it creates different mood settings as well per design. For a flower-covered arbour, it expresses a romantic appeal. While if you plant branchy type of vines, it expresses an enchanting appeal. So, you can expect that arbours will complement your front yard all year round.

Rock On!

Foliage is the common elements seen in most residential front yards. If you want something creative, you can do desert-inspired front yard landscaping. You can re-create this on your front yard by adding boulders, foliage that is commonly seen in deserts and sands. If you don’t want to add sands, you can keep your grass ground cover or perennial plants as these also complement with the style’s theme.

BouldersPhoto Courtesy of David Everett Strickler via Unsplash

This is a good front yard landscaping idea for various reasons:

  • Rocks have a natural element which is great for adding texture on your front yard.
  • Rocks are durable and low-maintenance.
  • Rocks are an effective method to hide flaws of the yard.

This is an ideal option for anyone living in the northern section of Australia as it has a tropical climate.

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Try to be Symmetrical

Symmetry always gives comfort to most people. Do you feel the same way? If yes, then give your front yard a symmetrical landscaping structure! This front yard landscaping idea is easy to re-create because you only need to plan one side, then copy it later to the other side.

symmetrical landscaping structurePhoto Courtesy of ArtisticOperations via Pixabay

Other popular options that you can add to this front yard landscaping idea are huge pots, woven seating chair, and hedges or shrubs. If this looks too simple for you, you can add the following elements: trees, perennial plants as ground covers, hedges as walls and sandy pathway.

symmetrical landscaping structurePhoto Courtesy of Tama66 via Pixabay

Tree is a charm

Trees are popularly known for being beneficial to one’s health, diminishing pollution and preventing soil erosion. But do you know that trees can also increase your property’s value by 20%? There are two ways to do this, one is by planting trees and form them like an arch. The trees ideal for this is the pendulous type like Wisteria and Golden chain tree. This guarantees to create a romantic appeal while walking underneath it.

TreesPhoto Courtesy of fallonrw via Pixabay

If romance isn’t the ambience you want, why not try something mysterious! This is ideal if you have huge trees in your front yard. The trees must properly align on both sides with no-mow grass on the ground. The no-mow grass is an ideal option because it requires minimal maintenance, both watering and trimming.

To highlight the door and complete your well-manicured front yard, you can include a straight and solid pathway.

Huge TreesPhoto Courtesy of Dirk Spijkers via Unsplash

Japanese Inspiration

Feeling a bit experimental? You can try the Asian landscaping style. One of the most landscaping ideas that expresses calm and a peaceful ambience is the Japanese landscaping design. One good example of this is the picture below.

The bridge is an interesting way to welcome your guests. There are two forms of bridges that you can choose from – arch and flat. The arch is a nice addition because it gives you a higher viewpoint of your front yard. If your property is spacious enough, you can install a man-made koi pond under to add attraction on your front yard.

Japanese InspirationPhoto Courtesy of ADD via Pixabay

But if none, you can stick to the flat-formed bridge. This bridge is commonly used to direct vehicles to the garage or visitors to the gazebo. To create the illusion of distance, you can place a mixture of pebbles and stones underneath this bridge.

The above-mentioned ideas are proven to improve your front yard landscaping appeal and quality. But if you decide to design your own, you must plan it thoroughly to ensure all the elements that you added will not overcrowd your front yard.

Featured Photo Courtesy of paulbr via Pixabay 

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