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Cheap Landscaping Ideas to Fit Any Budget

Landscaping is an effective method to beautify and add function to your property’s space. Though landscaping provides good benefits and purpose, many are still hesitant to do so because they think that there aren’t many cheap landscaping ideas out there.

One of the most important concerns is the cost of the landscaping job. “Are landscaping jobs really that expensive?” you might ask. With landscaping, there are different factors to consider which has an impact on the cost. These factors are the following:

  • Size of the yard – The rates of the landscaping services is always based per square metre.
  • Type of landscaping you prefer – There are two types of landscaping: hardscaping (e.g. concrete pathways or walls) and softscaping (e.g. planting and mowing). These two usually team up together, but you always have a choice if you prefer to do only one of it.
  • Features to add (e.g. fire pit, deck, and furniture)
  • Yard’s condition – Determining the yard’s condition will help landscapers to determine the amount of work needed to do. If it’s new or empty, the work it needs will start from the basic. But if it is not, additional work may pile up such as the demolition of the previous pathway or gazebo.
  • Materials to use – This includes the plants and construction materials.
  • Services render – Some of the services that needed in landscaping jobs are excavation, paving and demolition jobs.

From that list, you can determine which factors you need or want to include on your landscaping project. But if you have a strict budget and want to ensure you will not exceed that, here are some cheap landscaping ideas that you can consider:

Water feature

Water FeaturePhoto Courtesy of Didgeman via Pixabay

A mini-pond or fountain is always a treat for the eyes and wildlife. The good part of this feature is you can do it yourself. Just buy the materials and snacks for your break time, and voila, you have your very own mini-pond or fountain. This cost approximately less than $150. But if you don’t have the handyman skills or enough time to work on DIY projects, you can hire a professional landscaper.

The cost breakdown for these cheap landscaping ideas are the following:

  • Main materials per square feet: Brick ($1-$), concrete ($2-$5) and stone ($7-$15)
  • Water Pump: small ($45), large ($110), waterfall $250), and fountain ($160)
  • Pond liner/Mould: $100 to $1,000
  • Labour fees: $55 to $150 per hour
  • Size: $100 to $2,000 (for small garden), $3,000 to $5,000 (for farm with irrigation and fish included), $9,000 (for man-made lakes and natural swimming pond)

Mulch for aesthetic purpose?

MulchPhoto Courtesy of ArtisticOperations via Pixabay

Mulch is a variety of organic residues that are known to use for the conservation of soil moisture and reduce weeds growth. But not many know that this is also a great material for landscaping. You can do this by dividing your front/back yard space for foliage, entertainment area, and pathway. After carefully planning, you can choose the best colour of mulch to use in the foliage area. Please take note that when you choose a colour, make sure it complements with the plants you grow in that area. For flowery plants, dark colour mulch is ideal. But for dark foliage, any colour will do.

The cost breakdown for this cheap landscaping idea is the following:

Mulch: $16 to $30 per yard (average cost), $40 to $70 per yard (premium type)

Labour fees: $30 to $300 per hour

Other services needed: $25 to $100 (weeds removal)

Crushed Stone Pathway

Crushed Stone PathwayPhoto Courtesy of jill111 via Pixabay

A pathway is always a good idea to create a sense of order and structure in your front/backyard. The materials needed for this pathway can be any of these crushed materials: gravel, limestone, brick, and concrete. You can do this by creating an outline for the pathway and the garden or living space. Then fill the space for the pathway of your chosen crushed stones.

The cost breakdown for this cheap landscape idea is the following:

  • Materials per square metre: $70 to $220 (gravel), $40 to $70 (limestone), $70 to $90 (brick) and $40 to $60 (concrete)
  • Size: $500 to $1,500 (small garden), $2,000 to $5,000 (average size) and $10,000+ (large or complex design)
  • Labour fees: $40 to $70 per hour

Level Up!

backyardPhoto Courtesy of seanmacdubhsithe via Pixabay

Creating levels on your front/backyard adds an interesting appeal on the overall appearance of your design. The simplest way to add levels is by aligning strategically the perennial plants and mulch around a plain boulder. You can design the boulder for an added decoration. But if you have a large space and a pool, you can add a two-step terrace close to the pool and plant perennial plants on it.

The cost breakdown for these cheap landscaping ideas are the following:

  • Materials: $400 to $500 per square foot (includes organic matter, plants/sod, etc.)
  • Size: $500 (small garden), $1,500 to $2,000 (average to large-sized garden) and $5,000 (with added features)
  • Other services needed: $15 (soil testing)
  • Labour fees: $48 per hour (average)

There are tons of other cheap landscaping ideas available that you can consider. But the most effective method to avoid overspending is to start with simple improvements. This is solely to make way to the primary needs of your front/backyard.

Also, never hesitate to ask for professional’s advice. This is highly recommended for everyone who is starting the landscaping from scratch to ensure the success of the project.

Featured Photo Courtesy of MabelAmber via Pixabay

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