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Time For Some Landscape Gardening for Your Melbourne Property?

Prioritising some landscape gardening for your Melbourne property is never a waste of time or money. Putting enough investments in it doesn’t only provide your home with economic benefits, but it also helps boost your health and the environment as a whole.

Melbourne residents know the value of having a landscaped garden in the vicinity, regardless of its size and proportion. Why should you do some landscape gardening for your Melbourne property?

1. Melbourne has the most versatile climate condition

If you’re choosing what type of grass lawn to lay out in your front yard, grass lawn varieties like Couch and Buffalo can thrive regardless of the current season.

The former is fine textured and drought resistant in nature. A popular sub-type of couch grass is Santa Ana which is used mainly in golf courses. Buffalo grass is soft leaf in texture and frost tolerant (which means you have nothing to worry about your turf during winter). An example of this is Sir Walter.

Another lawn variety is Kikuyu. Aside from being the most economical, it is durable and has the ability to regenerate itself when the need arises. It is a warm-friendly lawn that’s often used in sports fields and schools.

On the other hand, choosing a warm-season grass like zoysia may not be suitable, although it fits under spring and summer. Zoysia can’t easily adapt to Melbourne’s inconsistent weather as it grows maturely in fairly warm areas.

Whether you live in the CBD or in the outskirts of the city, consider the weather in your area and get yourself familiarised with the varieties along with their qualities to help you decide on the perfect grass selection. Doing so also guides you when you plan your landscape gardening for your Melbourne property.

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2. Melbourne houses beautifully maintained landscapes

Australia has an abundance of beautifully constructed gardens and parks that are the nations pride. A 15-hectare commercial landscape architecture in Melbourne known as Cranbourne Gardens is an example. It has around 170,000 native plants growing within the vicinity of Royal Botanic Gardens in Victoria.

The Domain Parklands is also a great example in terms of simple yet sophisticated landscape construction. Around the famous park, you would see the Kings Domain, Alexandra Gardens, Queen Victoria Gardens and other symbolical landmarks with a perfectly manicured landscape.

Kings Domain. Gives you a beautiful view of mature trees and flower borders.

Alexandra Gardens. Lets you see garden ornaments such as palms and shrubs with lining pathways and recreational features.

Queen Victoria Gardens. Features flowering shrubs and flower beds with Queen Victoria and King Edward VII’s monuments along with other sculptural works on sight.

On another note, the Australian House & Garden features some examples of residential landscape construction conceptualised by Melbourne designers. One of which is a modernised garden in Ballarat designed with birch trees and windflowers.

Who would have thought that these landscaped lawns are all Melbourne-designed? Finding inspiration from these green spaces can help you start off your landscape gardening for your Melbourne property.

3. Melbourne has gorgeous plants and flower buds

Nothing is more fulfilling than growing lovely plants and flowers for your landscaped lawn. However, choosing the best plant species – whether they’re potted or on garden beds – is one of the first things to accomplish aside from soil preparation.

Among the wide selection of herbs, vegetables or fruits, you can try a variety of small and large plants that you can grow along with shrubs and trees. Herbs such as dill and mint are easy to grow, regardless of whether the sun is up or not. Dill, for instance, helps to prevent garden pests from thriving and it is best to plant during late spring for healthy growth.

If you have little or no time for cleaning and maintenance, low-maintenance plants can be the best choice. Few of these are succulent plants (e.g. jade plant and aloe vera), peace lily, bird of paradise and bamboo palm.

Also consider the gaps when planting them. Different species have different requirements when it comes to achieving the right position. Keeping your soil well-drained should also be followed to prevent the plants from soaking in excess water and help support the rooting systems. Not only does it help in reducing the loss of soils but it also guides you when doing landscape gardening for your Melbourne property.

Get the best landscape gardener in Melbourne for design consultation, project management and construction services. You can be sure of a neatly structured landscape that perfectly suits your lifestyle and outdoor needs.

Featured Photo Courtesy of paulbr75 via Pixabay

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