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Your Ultimate Guide to Landscaping in Melbourne

Moving to a new city always has mixed emotions – excitement and fear. But you will never feel this way in Melbourne as it offers tons of fun activities to do – eating delicious food, exploring beautiful parks, and visiting museums.

If outdoor activities doesn’t interest you it’s fine because you can always stay at home and do home improvement projects. One of the most popular home improvement projects in Melbourne is landscaping. The main reasons are it can improve your home, your health and environment.

The style of landscaping in Melbourne varies on the needs and the suburb you live in.

The Inner North Melbourne Suburb

shrubsPhoto Courtesy of Creative Commons CC0 via Pxhere 

landscape walkwayPhoto Courtesy of Ian Sane via Pxhere 

The inner North Melbourne is the ideal place to live in if you want to have a work-life balance lifestyle. This becomes possible because the inner North Melbourne suburbs are accessible to different businesses (e.g. CBD, shopping boutiques, restaurants, etc.) and public transports. So, whether you want to enjoy the nightlife after work or relax peacefully at home (far away from the noise of live music), you can achieve it.

Most of the residential homes that you find in inner North Melbourne suburbs are low-rise with fresh-looking landscapes. The main suburbs in inner North Melbourne are Brunswick, Carlton, Collingwood, Fitzroy, North Melbourne, and Northcote.

The weather in these suburbs can be tough during the month of May due to heavy rainfall. For this reason, the recommended landscaping design to choose is the one with a roof over the hospitality area. This is to prevent getting your furniture, accessories and kitchen equipment (if there’s any) wet. Also, elevating the ground is a good choice to ensure your garden will never drown from the flooding.

The inner North Melbourne is known for its heritage listing coverage and semi-industrial past with warehouse establishment. This is good to note in designing the aesthetic landscaping in Melbourne.

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Looking for a home with a water view? Geelong is certainly the best option to choose. The main suburbs in Geelong are East Geelong, Belmont, Manifold Heights, Newcomb, Geelong West, and Newtown.

Geelong is known for being the largest city in Victoria. Its land was previously used mainly for farming, vineyards and grazing purposes. But now, most of the land has been developed for parks, botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuary, and more. In designing your landscaping, it’s ideal to embrace this feature.

You can do this by using materials with natural elements (e.g. wood), and lots of flowery or greenery plants (e.g. trees and shrubs). If you live in the suburb without water view, you can add a pool on your landscape design. The materials that you can use for the pool are:

    • Cypress or Cedarwood is a good option because of its natural beauty and availability. The only disadvantage of it is it needs constant maintenance and treatment application as wood has the tendency to fade and split over time.
  • Pebbles are good options because of its ocean-like appeal. The good things about pebbles are:
      • It can last for more than 25 years.
      • It is easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.
      • It is stain-resistant.
    • It has nonslip finishing to prevent accidents.

The only disadvantage of pebbles is it is expensive compared to other pool materials and can have a rough texture if not properly installed.

  • Lastly, bricks are the most durable of all the pool materials. It is a plus that it is easy to install. The only disadvantage of this is it can absorb heat. So, during hot weather, you may have a hard time stepping on it. To solve this problem, you can put shades on top of the pool or plant trees around it to serve as a shade.

Here are examples for inspiration:

Pool PatioPhoto Courtesy of sgveng via Pixabay

pool landscape designPhoto Courtesy of joeydeeqv via Pixabay


If the water view doesn’t satisfy you, you can always move closer by living on the bayside. The main suburbs near the bayside that are great to live in are Brighton, St. Kilda and Port Melbourne.

The trend of landscaping in Melbourne is a mix of modern and traditional. Since most of the people who live in the bayside suburbs are families and millennials, it becomes ideal to make the design of landscaping primary for entertaining purposes.

Here are examples for inspirations:

backyard landscaping designPhoto Courtesy of La Citta Vita via flickr

outdoor landscaping designPhoto Courtesy of Creative Commons CC0 via Pxhere 

Landscaping may seem to be a luxurious addition in one’s home. But you will think otherwise upon knowing its true benefits – helping the plants and wildlife to continue living. To ensure the effectivity and durability of your landscaping in Melbourne, you must hire a reliable landscaper.

Featured Photo Courtesy of ChanhNguyen via Pixabay

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