4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a House Wall Paint Colour

Although aesthetics is the primary consideration when you choose paint colours, house painting colours are more than just which colour of house paint looks good on your house.

A great paint job can add personality and character to your home. Just by looking at the choice of house painting colour, you can immediately tell a lot about the personality of the person who lives there.

A house painting colour can also tell you if the owners prefer traditional colour schemes or partial to contemporary colour combinations.

You should also carefully consider the colour of house paint you will use since it can affect your house’s overall aura. Each colour in a paint colour chart conveys a corresponding mood.

If you live in an area with a lot of sun, a lighter colour shade is preferable since it does not absorb too much heat. Dark colours absorb more heat energy and can make a house feel hotter.

Painting colours can also affect the mood of the people inside the house. For example, blue is a calming colour and can make you feel relaxed. Yellow is a bright colour and can help brighten your mood.

Purple colour paint is rich and dramatic. It can give your home a mysterious vibe. Green is a relaxing colour and is restful to the eyes.

Choosing a colour from a paint colour chart can be challenging. Be sure to involve the other family members in your decision-making because your choice of paint colour will affect everybody.

House Lighting – Natural  

When choosing a house paint colour, be sure to remember that a colour won’t look the same 24 hours a day. Light colours may not be too visible during bright days but become too bright during the night.

On the other hand, dark colours are visible during the day but may look too dark during the night. Some colours appear too dark, even under bright home lighting.

Paint colours depend on two things, the amount of light that an object absorbs and the lighting of the house.  A home’s lighting can be natural or artificial.

Sunlight is the most prominent source of natural lighting and needs to be considered when choosing a house colour.

The colour of your house will look different throughout the day. Unlike artificial house lights, the amount of sunlight and the sun’s angle changes throughout the day.

South-facing houses and rooms enjoy more high-in-the-sky light and can benefit from cool and warm colours. North-facing ones are better with intense paint colours.

East-facing homes and rooms look great with shades of orange, yellow, or red. West-facing houses and rooms get little morning light.

During the night, the lights for your house can make a paint colour look different. Be sure that you are aware of how the colour of your paint looks like under artificial lights.

Ambiance and Feels  

The ambiance of a house or a room can get affected by the colour of the paint that you choose.

This is why it is important to share with your painting contractor the atmosphere that you want to achieve in a room. Your painting contractor can help you select a paint colour that will best suit your needs.

We associate some colours to a particular ambiance, and you need to take advantage of that knowledge to paint your house or room using the right paint colour.

Using the wrong paint colour might set the wrong ambiance for a room. For example, red connotes passion and is excellent for sociable environments like the living room and not in a bathroom.

Lively spaces such as the living room, kitchen, and dining room can do well with warm and lively colours such as orange or yellow.

Pink is a great colour if you want to create a loving and peaceful ambiance. You can use pink paint colour for bedrooms since it can help create a peaceful ambiance.

If you know what ambiance or atmosphere you want to create for your room, be sure to inform your painting contractor. Your contractor will be able to provide you with valuable insights.

Type of Floor Surface  

When choosing a paint colour, you should also consider the type of floors that you have. Different types of floors have different effects on the colour of the walls or ceiling.

The colour of your wall and the colour of your floor make up the foundation of the colour scheme of a particular room or space.

Flooring surfaces such as wood and tile floors have different effects on colour. Wooden floor surfaces can come in light, medium, or dark tones. Be sure to select a wall colour that works well with the tone of your floor.

Using contrast is a great way to highlight both your floor and the wall. A dark-toned floor will stand out with a light-coloured wall. On the other hand, a light-toned floor can look brighter with a dark-coloured wall.

You should also consider the types of floor finishes that you have when choosing your wall colour.

Light-coloured and smooth tiles will work best with dark-coloured walls. Smooth surfaces of floors will complement dark-coloured walls. Smooth surfaces bounce back light and can make a dark-coloured wall look lighter.  

When speaking with a painting contractor, be sure to show the contractor around your home and the area that needs painting.

Your painting contractor can take a closer look at the surfaces of floorings. The contractor can then provide you with a professional opinion on which colour will work well with a particular room.

Size of the Property  

The size of the property is also a consideration when choosing a paint colour. Just like the way a paint colour can dictate the mood of a room, paint colour can also affect how large or small a room looks.

Dark colours can make a room or a house look smaller and more compact. If your house is in an open area that receives a lot of sunlight, dark paint colour can help your house stand out.

Light paint colours are reflective. They are ideal for small or narrow rooms because they can make a room look bigger than it is.

Light colours also make a room more inviting and brighter. If you have a room that gets little natural light, a bright-coloured wall will help make it look airier and inviting.

If you have a very large room with light-coloured walls, the room can become overwhelming and uncomfortable. You can balance this out with a dark-coloured ceiling. A dark-coloured ceiling looks closer and cozier.

Colour can change the way a house or room looks. Use this to your advantage. Share your ideas with a painting contractor so you can come up with a great overall look using different paint colours.

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Need a House Painter? Post a Job at HIREtrades!

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Colour can also change the way a house or room looks. Use HIREtrades to get in touch with the best painting contractors in your area.

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