4 Exterior House Colours To Choose From

Your home’s outdoor appearance can turn out attractive and easily remembered with the right choice of exterior house colours. Choosing the best variation among your preferred colour schemes can make the entire property look more desirable to live in.

Picking the appropriate shade, tint and tone of your chosen exterior house colours can be a bit overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that confusing. You can take inspiration from newly built homes that you see outside or are featured on TV, in magazines or online. Likewise, incorporating a seasonal touch into your exteriors or identifying your favourite colour can work.

If you’re still wondering what to use, here’s a few house colour schemes to choose from (most of the colour swatches are from Dulux):

1. Autumn-inspired colours

One aspect to consider as you choose a suitable colour for your exteriors is to use the power of seasonal hues. While you’re free to use any paint colour to achieve your purpose, it would be a good idea to complement the house with the current season. How soothing would that be?

At present, the Autumn vibe takes the spotlight and can be taken advantage of by most homeowners. You just need to pick a particular colour or two from a variety of choices. Do you like Deep (or Dark), Soft or Warm colours? For instance, few of the vibrant colours to take into account are grass green, bright golden brown and the like.

light salmon exterior house colour
Photo Courtesy of paulbr75 via Pixabay

However, if you want to go for lighter hues and keep it minimal, the above photo can give you ideas and inspiration. The dominant colour used in the exterior is light salmon. This shade of orange can go a bit darker to exemplify a well-balanced effect when applied.

2. Pastel colours

If you prefer country-style, exterior house colours, you can opt for a subtle approach. Some of these pale colours include Lean Lemon, Jockey and Beige Artefacts.

Aqua frost house color
Photo Courtesy of paulbr75 via Pixabay

On the above example, you can see how the owner makes use of a brighter look and feel. For this purpose, you can make West Lake and Marble Mist as your primary and secondary house colour schemes. Popping the facade with bold-coloured chairs and plant pots can put emphasis on the overall visual aspect when viewed from the outside.

Checking out the different shades and variations can help you pick the right combination. You can get help from a professional painter to get an accurate match that fits your personal taste and property needs.

3. Going neutrals

Another consideration is to select among the neutral colours available in your local hardware store. While it may appear dull for some, it actually exudes minimalism and timeless elegance.

Grey is believed to be a popular choice for most homeowners. This colour coupled with Vivid White results in a luxurious appeal that balances the entire paint application.

Grey House Color
Photo Courtesy of Chris Gonzales via Pexels

Lighter or darker greys can work if you’re eyeing for a contemporary outlook. The above photo shows a contrasting effect with architectural details on door and window trims painted in white, promoting colour stability.

4. Nature-themed hues

Exterior house colours such as green and other earthy tones are also a desirable option for some. They create feelings of relaxation and serenity, enabling you to breathe lightly.

Sage Green Matte House Color
Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons CC0 via Pxhere

Painting your exterior Sage Green Matte with matching plant baskets hung around the patio gives life to your outdoor space. Adding brownish furniture pieces and greenish accents also creates energy-boosting decoration.

Try It Out, But Don’t Go Overboard

You have all the freedom to choose the best colour combination for your home exterior. Just make sure to weigh the many painting possibilities and decide carefully.

As you plan, see that you check your area’s climate condition. That way, you’ll be able to pick the right products with weather-resistant qualities. Your hired colour consultant and painting contractor will surely provide recommendations that can help the application last for years.

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