5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Painter Hourly Rate

Painter hourly rate is the most common cost that every homeowner considers. It is usually the factor that has a huge impact on the homeowner’s plan not to pursue home improvements.

The main reason may be because of its tendency to inflate over the course of the job. But there’s a good thing about painters’ rates per hour. If it has a possibility to inflate, there are also ways on how you can reduce the final cost.

If the reduction in cost is not possible for the job, don’t worry! There are things you can do to get the most out of the painter hourly rate – without breaking the bank.

How do you get the most out of painter hourly rate?

1. Have a checklist

Aside from Hiring the Best Painter near you, the simpler way to get the most out of your painter hourly rate is by making their job easier. One way you can help them is by providing a checklist. This checklist will contain all the areas that the painter need to work on accompanied by the surface measurement and paint colour preference.

This will help both you and painter to stay focused all the time. Particularly, in the event that the painter faces an unexpected problem, the painter will know what to prioritise.

This is also advantageous because it will prevent any last-minute jobs that can, later on, be added on the painter hourly rate.

2. Provide the materials required

Another simple way to make the painter’s job easier is to provide the materials. Travelling from one store to another just to complete the materials needed is very time-consuming. To save your painter’s time, and your money, you must purchase the materials days before starting the job.

Don’t know where to buy? Or what to buy? Don’t worry, upon making the decision to provide the materials yourself, the painter will provide you with the complete list of materials needed. Also, they put some recommendation where you can buy it all with great discounts or deals.

3. Do the preparation stage

Making the painter’s job easier is indeed effective. But it isn’t enough to see a good change on the painter hourly rate. One way for you to see a huge reduction is by making the painter’s job much faster.

This is possible by doing some of the easy tasks yourself. A good example of this is the preparation stage. The preparation stage is easy to do because it mainly includes cleaning tasks. This task will ensure that the surface to paint on is free from dust, grease or other forms of dirt.

Other tasks that involve the preparation stage are:

  • Removal of the power outlet and light switches covers;
  • Taping around the window, doorframes and mouldings;
  • Sanding, peeling or scraping the old paint from the surface;

Important note: For surfaces with moulds or rust on it, let the professional painter handle the cleaning task.

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4. Consider painting the same colour

Choosing the right colour can take up a lot of time to decide. To make the painter’s job much faster, it is good to consider painting the room with the same colour as the current one. Aside from the possibility of requiring less paint to use, this will also not require much preparation or apply additional colour just to get the right shade you want.

Important note: This is only good to consider if the current colour of your interior/exterior brightens up your house. Or, if it still compliments on the interior design you want to achieve.

5. Repair

Just like in any home improvement projects, there are some things that you cannot control. So, there will be times that you just need to deal with the long-hours the painter work on the project.

The best thing you can do is to get the most out of the painter hourly rate. A good example of this is making them do all the other painting maintenance and repair around the house. If the door has dog scratches or noticeable crack on it, ask them to repair it by filling the scratches/cracks and repaint that part.

The cost always has a huge impact on home improvement’s decision-making. But as a homeowner, it’s part of your responsibility to continuously boost the property’s value. So, making good investments like painting the house will surely pay off for years to come.

In terms of reducing the painters’ rates per hour, the wisest move you can do is to organise each job accordingly and stay focused on your priorities.



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