8 Quick DIY Tips About Painting Services

Exterior painting protects your house from harsh environmental occurrences like rain and the sun.  A good paint job will improve the value of your home as well.

How do you know if your house needs a repaint and repair? Are you currently considering a painting service? Observe if the paint is already starting to crack or peel. If you ignore this problem, it will just worsen over time, leading to more expensive costs.

Check these DIY house painting tips that you can apply whether you plan to do it yourself or hire professional painting services.

Options in Choosing Your Paint

paint options

You can choose from two kinds of exterior paints: oil-based (alkyd) and water-based latex. Many people opt to use latex since it quickly dries and has no strong odour when applied. It is less likely to crack since it’s more flexible compared to other kinds of paints.

On the other hand, alkyd paints are known to be stain-resistant and durable. You can wipe it down with soap and water for easy cleaning. In using it, expect it to dry slower compared with latex. Aside from this, it has a strong solvent smell. It is suggested to use this paint in an open area to avoid exposure to its chemical solvents.

Consult professionals for the right  kind of paint you will use for your house painting job.

Prices of Paint

paint prices

Paint manufacturers have a wide variety of paint choices ranging in price based on its quality. As a rule of thumb, buy the paint that you can afford without sacrificing the quality. There are a lot of paint choices out there that are affordable and of superb quality. Choose wisely, you can ask opinions from painting services experts if your not that sure which type of paint to use.

Read Before You Proceed

Most homeowners don’t bother to read the small print on the paint label. However, you should do this to avoid mistakes. This information can help in avoiding error in your painting project.

Pay attention to instructions about the surface and outdoor air temperature. Remember, paints are usually not applied if the temperature is 10 degrees C or even colder. But some kinds of paints can withstand the temperature that’s even lower than 2 degrees C.

Preparing the Surface

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The first action you need to do is to clean the exterior first so that the new paint adheres to the surface. You need to get rid of the grime, dirt, and residue. You can do this with a power sprayer. If you plan to hand scrub it, use a stiff-bristle brush. It is also useful and won’t take much time in preparing.

Tap the nailheads using a hammer and make sure to fill the holes with an exterior-grade putty. Wait for it to be fully cured before sanding it flush. If you need to apply caulk, make sure that it’s paintable. Remember this if you are implementing new caulk to the windows and doors.

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On another note, you can paint the old painted surface directly as long it is still smooth and in excellent condition. Scrape it if you find any blisters flaking off. Remember, that you need to prime it before you paint it for a smooth finish. Priming the surface is an arduous task, some people hire painting services to do it for them.

Apply a Primer

primer paint

Combined paint and primer is alright if you already have a smooth surface. However, if there are problems or issues with your walls, opt for a separate primer. You can avail a different primer for challenging surfaces.

Brush or Roller?

paint brush or roller

The fastest way to apply your exterior paint is via roller or paintbrush. You can use a brush to paint narrow surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. Use a roller that has a smaller diameter to work on large and extended surfaces.

Paint in the Shade First

If you do your painting in direct sunlight, it mayl dry the surface too quickly. The result is an uneven surface since the paint didn’t adhere well and flaked prematurely. The solution is to start painting on the shady part of the house. Make sure that the surface is not damp or wet. You can resort to painting on an overcast day. When you hire a professional  painting service, they can usually finish it in much less  without any problem and time delays.

Top Down Technique

Work your way from the top of the house going down. Paint the bottom edge first before you paint the large portion. You may encounter overlapping marks. To avoid this, try brushing in areas of fresh paint , where overlap applies, before drying.

If you are working above ground, ensure you choose the correct platform for the task. If you use ladders, ensure they are sound and you don’t go higher than the second highest step. If you require scaffold, consult professionals in its erection.

Ready to Paint Now?

Painting your house is not overwhelming if you have the right tools in your kit. If you don’t have basic knowledge of DIY painting, it’s best to avail professional painting services which can provide you a quality, tradesmen finish, generally in a shorter time, and with less mess.

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