Top 12 Pergola Ideas for Your Next Home Renovation

Pergolas are excellent additions to any home because they allow you to extend your living space. If you have a small house but are blessed with a spacious yard, a pergola can provide you with an outdoor space where you can spend time with your family or entertain guests.

There are several types and designs of pergolas, each with its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to select a design that will suit your family’s needs. Here are some fantastic pergola ideas that you can choose from so your house will stand out after your next home renovation:

Pergola with Trellis Screen

pergola with trellis screen

A pergola with a trellis screen is a popular choice for avid gardeners because the trellis screen is excellent for climbing vines, shrubs, or small trees to grow up against. This can provide you with a natural source of shade that can make your pergola cooler.

A trellis screen can double as a privacy screen when you are in your pergola, making it ideal for homeowners who live in crowded neighbourhoods.

The trellis screen also acts as a filter that can help regulate noise and wind so you can enjoy a more relaxing time in your pergola. If you want a pergola with improved ventilation and a cozy ambience, then a pergola with a trellis screen might be what you need.

Pergola with Side Curtains

Pergola with curtain

If you want a pergola that affords maximum privacy, you might consider building a pergola with side curtains. Aside from privacy, the sided curtains can lend your pergola a romantic touch making it perfect for an intimate garden at-home dinner date.

A pergola with side curtains is also a practical choice if you want to enjoy your pergola in a wide variety of weather conditions. Thick curtains can protect you from wind, sunlight, and chilly weather, so you can use your pergola in comfort.

If you want to have a pergola with curtains but still enjoy the view in your garden, you can use sheer curtains instead of thick ones. Sheer curtains can give you a bit of privacy while keeping your pergola bright and airy.

Breezy Pergola

breezy pergola

If you’re not too keen on complicated pergola custom designs, you can never go wrong with a breezy, open pergola. These simple pergolas can provide you with an extra outdoor living area that your family can enjoy.

A breezy pergola is ideal if you live in a humid area because the open sides can help let cool air in, so you have a well-ventilated outdoor area. A simple yet breezy pergola is also easy to maintain because there are no additional implements that you need to clean, like curtains or trellises.

Pergola with a Deck

Pergola with a Deck

A deck is a fantastic addition to any home, and if you combine it with a pergola, you have the perfect outdoor entertainment area for your family and guests. A pergola with a deck looks classy and is highly recommended if you love entertaining guests.

The elevation that the deck provides means that you can safely entertain guests even if it rains since you are protected from rainwater runoffs. A pergola with a deck adds value to your home, especially if you choose the suitable deck material.

Victorian Ash, Merbau, and Bull-oak are excellent timber materials that you can use if you want a durable yet easy-to-maintain pergola with a deck.

Slatted Pergola

Slatted Pergola

Although some pergolas have solid roofs, you can ask your pergola builder to build you a slatted pergola if you want something unique for your yard. A slatted roof is ideal if you want a bright and cool place to spend time in.

The slatted top of your pergola will allow hot air to rise and escape so you can enjoy your pergola even during hot summer days. The slatted roof can also act as an arbour if you want to grow climbing plants.

The climbing plants can act as a natural design to your pergola while providing additional shade for you and your family.

Pergola with a Fireplace

Pergola with a fireplace

If you love entertaining guests, you can hire a pergola construction service to build a fireplace for you. The fireplace can transform your pergola into a warm and cozy area, even during chilly nights.

What’s fantastic about a pergola with a fireplace is it can help promote more prolonged outdoor activities for your family, even during the winter season. A pergola with a fireplace also provides you with an alternative way to cook because you can spend time with friends while roasting marshmallows.

You can also purchase additional tools if you want to transform your fireplace into a makeshift outdoor grill.

Compact Modern Pergola

compacted modern pergola

For those who want a pergola that stands out from traditional ones, a compact modern pergola is an excellent choice. This kind of pergola is also ideal for those with limited yard space since a compact pergola won’t take up too much space.

A compact modern pergola can be ideal if you want a cool shaded retreat from the harsh sun. You can equip your modern pergola with automatic shutters or solar screens that you can use to protect yourself from the UV rays of the sun quickly.

Compact modern pergolas are also easy to clean and maintain since you don’t have to worry about dry fallen leaves, which is common on pergolas with climbing vines.

Urban Minimalist Pergola

Urban Minimalist pergola

If you’re after a pergola that’s simple yet will serve all your outdoor needs, ask your pergola builder for an urban minimalist pergola. A minimalist design looks great with any house design and won’t look out of place in any urban landscape.

Minimalist pergolas are also easy to clean and maintain because they don’t have complicated structures or contraptions. For the best urban minimalist pergola, be sure to use HIREtrades to enlist the help of the best local pergola builder in your area who can deliver excellent results at affordable rates.

Rustic Pergola

For homeowners who want pergolas with a whimsical touch, a rustic pergola might be the best choice. Rustic pergolas add character to any home because of their imaginative look. They can complement classic homes or provide a beautiful contrast to modern house designs.

Rustic pergolas are also among the most popular pergola ideas for those who want to minimize their expenses because they can repurpose old wood or timber in building their pergola to save on building costs. Rustic pergolas are great areas for entertaining guests because their unusual design is excellent conversation starters.

Curved Pergola

A curved pergola is another standout idea for your home renovation because of its different looks compared to traditional square or rectangular pergolas. A curved pergola is an excellent choice if you want a pergola that fits nicely on the curved exteriors of your home.

This design can make the pergola a seamless addition to your home. Be sure to post a job at HIREtrades so you can receive free quotes for your pergola construction. With the help of HIREtrades, you can get in touch with an expert local pergola builder who can help you build your dream pergola.

Tropical Pergola Retreat

Tropical retrait pergola

If you love spending a relaxing time communing with nature, a tropical pergola retreat might be what you need. This type of pergola can help you merge the modern comforts with nature-inspired ideas to transform your pergola into an oasis of tranquillity.

Surround your pergola with lush potted greens for a relaxing look. You can also use bamboo chairs and ornaments that look great yet comfortable to use. To enhance the tropical ambience of your pergola, you can add pillows or cushions with vibrant colours or tropical designs.

Sheer white curtains are also excellent additions that can make your pergola a more enticing tropical retreat.

 Hiring a Pergola Expert Near You

Whatever pergola ideas you have in mind, it pays to hire pergola experts who have the essential know-how in erecting a high-quality structure in your outdoor space. Above all, the quality of your pergola highly depends on its excellent planning and correct installation.

While you can always attempt to build a pergola yourself, hiring an experienced pergola builder can save you valuable time that’s better spent with your loved ones. If you wish to hire one, feel free to use the ever-reliable HIREtrades platform.

HIREtrades is easy to use and navigate, plus it features some of the best tradies in your community who provide value for money.

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