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How long does pest control last?

Pest control treatments are proven to kill all types of unwanted visitors from the property – ants, possums, fleas and more.

How long does pest control last?

The average length of mild pest control is a minimum of 3 weeks, approximately; while for extreme pest control treatment, it can last for 90 days or more.

The exact length of time may still change depending on the type of pest control treatment used. There are different types of pest control treatments and the two most common are insecticides and rodenticides. These pest control treatments can be in the form of a liquid or solid.

1. Insecticides

Insecticides targets different types of insects like ants, cockroaches, termites and more. How long does pest control last per insect type? The efficiency of the insecticides per insect type depends on the form of pest control treatment:

  • For liquid-form of pest control treatment, ants die instantly. The best liquid-formed pest control treatment to use are the products that have either deltamethrin or permethrin ingredients. Aside from its effectivity with killing ants, these two ingredients are known to be safe even for people with asthma and during pregnancy.

But if ants are still alive after two weeks, it’s best to switch the liquid to a solid-form of pest control treatment. Solid-form of pest control treatment usually takes longer because the ants are able to carry it to their nest and infect others. You can wait 3 weeks to ensure the success of the solid-form pest control treatment. But if ants are still alive, it’s best to find their nest and use a much toxic liquid-form pest control treatment for an instant kill.

If you can’t detect the ants’ nest or if the nest lies inside the walls, it’s advisable to hire a professional pest control specialist. Most pest control companies uses treatments that can last up to 6 weeks.

  • Cockroach pest control treatments come in liquid, gel and solid form. The good advantage of these pest control treatments is it can affect other cockroaches even via a secondary transmission. Once cockroach ingests the pest control treatment, any cockroach that has direct contact with its’ saliva, faeces or cadaver will get infected as well.

How long does cockroach pest control last? The average length of this pest control treatment is 6 weeks. If cockroaches are still visible and alive, call your pest control specialist back or hire a new one that offers heat treatment services as well. This pest control treatment is 100% chemical-free and can kill cockroaches from egg to adult. The heat treatment can last up to 120 days, but it will need continuous re-treatment.

  • Termites pest control treatments come in liquid, solid and powder form. If you use a solid or powder-form pest control treatment, you will need to check on it every four weeks.

Solid and power-form pest control treatments require you to check on the bait every 4 or 12 weeks. This may be slow in progress, but it can assure you to keep your house termite-free for a year. Liquid-formed pest control treatment may not kill the termite instantly, but the good part of this pest control treatment it can infect other termites as well via direct contact and can last for up to 5 years.

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 2. Rodenticides

The rodenticides come in solid form and are commonly use with baits. The best rodenticides to use are the products that contains second-generation anti-coagulant – Brodifacoum, Bromodialone, Difenacoum, and Difethialone. These ingredients have an extreme effect on rodents that will kill them in one single feeding. But you can still use first-generation anti-coagulant – Warfarin, Chlorophacinone, and Diphacinone.

The length of time it can last depend on the number of rodents you have at home and the position where you place it. If you place it on the main entryway of rodents, you need to refill it every 12 hours or 2 days.

The only downside of rodenticides is it can harm your pets and other wildlife as well. To avoid harming your pets and other wildlife, you need to place it somewhere they couldn’t reach. Also, dispose of dead rodents immediately. This is because once wildlife eats the poisoned rodent, they will be affected by the poison as well.

If you have no idea about the exact place where the rodents are residing in your home, it’s recommended to call a professional pest control specialist. They have the experience and equipment to locate the main location of the rodents. They also use a specialised chemical pest control treatment that can eliminate all rodents in one spray. The only downside of this pest control treatment is it only last for a short time span.

Whichever pest control treatment you use for rodents, always make sure to seal all the holes in your property. This is to ensure rodents can never enter your property.

Pest control treatment is effective in eliminating the pest. Unfortunately, it can also do harm to people’s health. To ensure the safety of the family, you need to always read the label instructions. You must read the toxicity level (slight, moderate or high) and the label warning (caution, keep out of reach of children, and dangerous poison) if there’s any.

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