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Is pest inspection necessary during the winter season?

Yes, it’s necessary. In fact, the winter season is one of the ideal seasons to do pest inspection and control. Mainly for the reason of dormancy. Most pests are warm-blooded as the cold temperature slows them down. They typically remain hidden in some place with warm temperatures and waiting until winter passed.

Since those type of places is very limited, you can easily hunt and get rid of them. Professional pest inspection and control services can help you lay out a strong plan and strategy.

How does local pest control service work?

The local pest control expert’s job is straightforward. Upon their arrival (right on schedule) on your home or business, they will immediately perform a detailed pest inspection.

Pest inspection covers the search for all entry points of pest (for indoor), primary habitats (indoor and outdoor), and areas with high levels of moisture. There are some pest control services that also search for certain areas that have the potential to be a future home of pests.

There are different kinds of pest inspection that you can avail, but the most requested are routine pest inspection, timber pest inspection, and pre-purchase inspection.

The routine pest inspection is the standard option that must be performed at least once a year. This inspection’s purpose is to point out all the existing risk around the property. Also, the pest control expert will discuss the impact of the location’s climate on the situation.

Termites, decay, and borers are just some of the pests that can infest timber structure. With the help of the professionals, they can perform timber pest inspection to identify the overall integrity of the house or business’ timber structure.

Lastly, a pre-purchase pest inspection is the option to avail once you are about to move to a new property (residential and commercial). This will help you determine the pest risk involved around the property and the solution to implement.

Other inspections offered by the local pest control services are safety inspection for homeowners and landlords (for rental properties), insurance inspection, and other special purposes inspection.

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After performing the pest inspection, the local pest control expert will provide a full pest inspection report and discuss it with you (owners). The report details all pest types, activities, damages (existing property damages and caused by pests), and the proposed solutions. Upon agreeing which of the proposed solution to apply, they will begin the application process.

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What do professional pest control services offer?

The advantage of hiring professional pest control services is they designed top-quality services to fit the needs of the property. These services can guarantee to eradicate the pests safely and effectively.

For residential properties, professional pest control experts understand the importance of maintaining a healthy environment. This is the reason they offer pest control services that use environmentally, pet, and child-friendly products for treatments.

For commercial properties, the most common pest control service they provide is a pest management program. This helps them to prevent risks of product contamination. The treatment to apply is much stronger and mostly chemical-based compared to the one applied in residential properties.

All pest control services in residential and commercial property are a State requirement. Therefore, only a licensed pest control expert can perform the job. In terms of product efficiency, it’s all been tested and proven to meet the State’s standards.

Preventive Pest Control Measures You Can Apply This Winter

Hiring a pest control expert is indeed effective to get rid of the pest and its cause. But pests can always find a way back. To ensure you can keep them out, here are helpful preventive pest control measures that you can do:

  • Doors and windows are the first entry point of pest. Since they are small in size, you will barely notice it when one gets through. To prevent them from entering, always close the door and windows.
  • Pests are just like other animals, they can easily get scared with noise and lights. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in anti-pest security (with motion, noise, or light sensor). You can turn it ON every night or whenever you leave the house empty.
  • Door and windows are not the only entry point of pests. They can also get through with holes. If you find any, it’s recommended to seal the holes and other small openings properly to ensure no pest can get in and settle for good.
  • Lastly, there are tons of different pest species and each of it is attracted with a certain element. Pests that are attracted to moisture and humidity are one example. This is bad news because there are properties that are prone to too much humid and moist. When this happens, it’s best to resolve it right away before the pest can settle in, comfortably.

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