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What are the types of pest control methods?

The most common pest control methods are integrated pest management for agricultural and forest lands, physical pest control for urban areas and bird control on airfields. To ensure pest control efficiency, there are several types of pest control methods. Each of these pest control methods is designed per land environmental conditions and safety needs.

Agricultural land, forest, urban areas, and airfields are the common areas prone to pest outbreak. Unfortunately, dealing with pests in these areas are a bit challenging to achieve as this will have a negative impact on other non-pest living organisms and the main source of life. This is the reason people created several methods to ensure they will meet each land environmental conditions and safety needs.

What are the types of pest control methods available for agricultural and forest lands?

For years, people used a natural pest control method for agricultural and forest lands. This method is called biological pest control. Biological pest control is a method that uses other organisms to control the pests. The common organisms used for this method are natural predators, microorganisms and parasites.

Though biological pest control is an effective solution, people still find a way to develop more extensive methods. These methods are now known as the Integrated pest management. Other than biological pest control methods, chemical, and cultural pest control methods is included in the Integrated pest management.

The chemical method is a pest control solution that uses toxic (low levels) substances to repel/kill pests. It is commonly used for daily preventative spraying. While for the cultural methods, it requires long-term planning just to ensure its efficiency. It may require a long time of work, but certainly worth it as this will save you tons of money. The reason for the savings is because there’s no need to buy any substances or special equipment. This pest control method works by repeatedly using cultivation techniques that will expose the pest to other predators. 

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What are the types of pest control methods available for urban areas?

Termites, rodents, and mosquitoes are the common pests that can be found in urban areas. For this reason, people commonly used three pest control methods and those are poisoned bait, fumigation, and physical pest control.

From the name itself, the physical method is a pest control solution where you need to build traps to prevent pests to enter your property. This is typically used for rodents and snakes. Also, people use this if they don’t know the exact location of the pests’ habitat. But if you know their exact location, poisoned bait is the most recommended option.

Poisoned bait is a mix of food attractant and some type of insecticides. The toxin level of the bait depends on 2 purposes: slow-acting and fast-acting. The slow-acting toxin is best used if you want to have enough time to carry the infected pest to its habitat. This type of bait has the capability to infect others that have a direct contact to its’ saliva or blood. While the fast-acting toxin is best used for egg-laying pests.

Aside from the main pests’ habitat, you can also place poisoned bait on the areas that are sensitive to chemical-based pest control.

Fumigation is a pest control solution that works by sealing the area affected and fog it with gaseous or liquid pesticides. This is typically used for cockroaches, flies, spiders, and termites. But there is also fumigation solution for rabbits and rodents. The advantage of fumigation is it is very extensive. The pests will completely be eliminated in and out of their habitat.

The only disadvantage of fumigation is it has a high potential of health risks to all good living organisms. This is due to the high toxicity level of the gas/liquid pesticides it contains. Also, it is highly flammable. To prevent any fire hazards, don’t do fumigation on days with greater humidity or on areas that contain acids.

What are the types of pest control methods available on airfields?

Birds are entertaining to watch as they fly around the house because of their natural beauty. Not to mention the convenience they give as they eat the pesky cabbage worms, aphids and other pests that ruins the garden plants. But birds can be considered as pests too especially when they decide to build their nest on the gutter or your roof.

The good news is there is a pest control method designed for them. The most common are bird-proofing, nest removal, and professional pest control.

    • The bird-proofing works by installing nets, traps, spikes or any materials that will give discomfort to the birds.
    • The nest removal is effective to lessen the birds’ population on your area. The only downside of this is it is a bit time-consuming since you need to check on the open areas regularly to see if there are new nests.
  • If you have implemented multiple pest control methods and still, there are tons of birds flying around your property, it’s best to seek assistance to professional pest control specialists.

Pests can cause serious harm if not immediately eliminate. To prevent facing damages, it’s best to control it immediately. The above-mentioned pest control methods are indeed helpful and if you want to extend its efficiency or maximise their benefits you must combine it with good hygiene. You can do this simply by properly cleaning the whole house and sealing the trash bins.

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