3 Plumbing Ideas Your House Could Benefit From

When was the last time you made plumbing upgrades around your home? Spring is about to end but plumbing ideas keep coming in. Your house might become a go-to place for convenience whether it involves the use of your kitchen or your bathroom.

Check out some of the coolest concepts that you can incorporate into your home and see how it benefits the family and the property itself.

1. Space-saving toilet

Who would have thought that combining a toilet and a sink in one plumbing fixture helps increase both the bathroom’s style and functionality?

Whether you have a small bathroom space or just want to remodel a shower room in your bedroom, you can opt for a toilet with a basin attached in it. With a space-saving toilet, house members get to reuse the water from the sink when flushing the toilet. Not only does it help you maximise the area usage but it also helps in providing environmental benefits such as reducing the amount of water you use on a daily basis.

Another cool option is to attach a toilet and a sink in your countertop. You can choose among the different shapes depending on your preference and the availability of space.

Translating these modern ideas into a tangible outcome is definitely not DIY-friendly. While you may suggest possible concepts or designs to make it personalised, going for a reliable plumber to work on your behalf guarantees your safety and the success of the job.

2. Pot filler taps

When it comes to kitchen additions, a pot filler tap is a great solution. Pot fillers are beneficial for oversized cookwares and are used for heating large quantities of soups or dishes.

For some, fitting a large cookware into the sink is a cooking pain. Carrying it is more of a hassle too. A pot filler tap or two can add to your convenience when filling water into the cooking pot.

You may also add a filter or a sink anywhere near the pot filler to let the dripping water flow without messing up the surrounding area or form any leaks.

Installing these plumbing fixtures may only demand a single water supply line. Before calling out a plumber to get the job done, it’s good to determine the height of the pot filler to achieve the correct size before the installation. You can do this by measuring the highest and widest cooking pot in your kitchen. Having it installed by a professional plumber can help meet your standards (and the local council’s) without having to worry about the result.

3. Exposed pipes

In terms of aesthetics, this plumbing idea can help improve your indoors. Unconcealed pipes are a common interior design that’s often seen in industrial structures. Asking a plumber to accomplish the job is not an option but a necessity. Otherwise, it may pose a safety risk if done without any professional assistance.

Exposed copper tubes, regardless of the length or thickness, add elegance to a wall. You can have them complemented with metallic painted hanging lamps and other beautiful accents that you can group them with.

Painting your pipes with bright colours such as red and yellow can be done to make a bold emphasis. Coordinating it with the colours of your wall promotes unity and enhances the overall theme.

Stylish pipe covers are also an option. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Tight ropes. Covering your pipes with rusty ropes flaunts a traditional-looking space. The job may sound easy, but getting help from a professional plumber will save you from mishaps.
Bamboo. Perfect for bathrooms with modernised features and minimal furniture. A bamboo-covered pipe displays a pop of tropics and brings a nature-inspired vibe inside.
Yarns. Wrapping a colourful yarn around a bathroom sink trap is one way to make it stand out.

Important: It’s best to cover the base pipes with foam insulation to ensure your safety in the event of accidents. Make sure to discuss any hazards or risks with your local plumber to prevent pipe bursts or anything that may result in unwanted burns.

Plumb Them In

Combining these ideas will help transform a simple home into a classy, bizarre-looking space, if executed well. It may cost a bunch (especially if you want the grandest version), but the benefits outlast the expenses.

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