How much does plumbing cost?

Every time plumbing-related problem arises, the first thing most homeowners will ask is ‘how much does plumbing cost nowadays?” Unfortunately, the exact plumbing cost can’t be identified without the plumber inspecting the size and complexity of the job at hand. But if you just want to have an idea with how much it will cost, you can do so by combining the average cost per services and the percentage each Australia’s states will add or less on that amount.

The average cost per services and States’ percentage are commonly provided by the master plumbing association and plumbing companies in Australia. They released this to help homeowners guided and prevent overspending.

Before giving the state’s percentage, here’s the list of the average plumbing cost per services:

General plumbing

The job included in this plumbing service are mainly minor fixes and maintenance. Few of these jobs are stated below with their average cost:

  • Maintenance (faucets, toilets and taps) – $80 to $260
  • Repair (pipes, toilet and sink) – $150 to $550
  • Unclogging – $60
  • Installation jobs (faucets, vanity unit, bathtub and more) – $80 to $5,100
  • Replacement – $240 (homeowner provide the unit/materials needed)

Hot water services

The cost of hot water services will vary on the size of the project, the availability of the materials, and level of complexity. The average cost for installing hot water (per hour) ranges from $70 to $90. If the unit/materials are already provided, you only need to pay the plumber’s labour fee which is $180, approximately.

But if the materials are not available, the size of the project ranges from medium to large-sized, and you are switching to solar hot water system; you can expect to pay around $3,500 to $12,000 installation fee for the whole project.

Gas fitting Services

The average gas fitting cost for minor jobs which include maintenance inspection and repair is $70 per hour. If the job requires installation, it can cost $80 per hour. For a more complex job such as removal of old gas piping, the average cost for that range from $90 to $250. Please note that this does not include the unit/materials replacement.

Outdoor Plumbing Services

This service includes the heavy-duty jobs like replacement of the entire drainage system, re-piping, installation of rainwater tanks and more. This service cost ranges from $5,000 to $20,000 (materials and tools included).

Emergency Services

Plumbing-related problems are always unavoidable. The worst part of it is it happens in the most inconvenient hour of the day. But don’t worry, plumbing companies do provide 24-hour plumbing assistance that you can call.

The jobs included in this service are the following:

  • Repair of leaky or burst pipe (minor) – $280 (small-sized) to $1,200 (large-sized)
  • Repair of leaky or burst pipe (major) – $570 to $5,000+
  • Repair affected wall – $350 to $1,000+ (depending on the damage)

There is some plumbing company that charges an additional inspection fee of $150 for identifying the locations of the leaks. It’s ideal to clarify this to the plumber before hiring them.

How much does plumbing cost by location?

Here’s a complete list of Australia states’ percentage that will add or less to the average plumbing cost of each service:

  • New South Wales (NSW) has the lowest pricing range for plumbing cost. It is 5.14% cheaper compared to other states.
  • In South Australia (SA), you will less approximately 4.71% on the average plumbing cost of each service.
  • In Queensland (Qld), you will pay approximately 3.29% less of the average plumbing cost of each service.
  • In Victoria (Vic), you can expect to pay an additional 2.68%, approximately.
  • In Western Australia (WA), you will pay 2.57% more, approximately.
  • Lastly, Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The ACT has the most expensive plumbing cost in all of Australia’s states as you will pay an additional $7.88% on the average plumbing cost, approximately.

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