What do plumbers do?

What do plumbers do?

When we hear or read the word plumbers, fixing a broken faucet and unclogging the drain are common jobs that come to mind. But the work implies a greater calling and obligation. Plumbers are responsible for mapping out a layout for pipelines, drainage fittings or any other systems that involve water distribution and disposal.

Is there a difference between the work of a residential and commercial plumber?

No. The only distinction between the two is the size and complexity of the job as well as the issues encountered during and after the plumbing work is done.

What do plumbers do in residential settings?

Residential plumbing is less of a hassle compared to commercial or industrial plumbing. Although homeowners demand a thorough or extensive plumbing procedure to ensure their safety and convenience, the possibility of constant repairs or maintenance is somehow reduced. Plumbers specialising in residential houses can either be self-employed or they work under a contractor.

What do plumbers do in commercial settings?

Commercial plumbing demands more work since it deals with a higher number of sinks, toilets, pipes and drainage systems. Plumbers working in this field are expected to tackle multiple floors and stories. As what most residential plumbers use, they also utilise tools such as sink snakes but can be required to handle more advanced equipment like pipe bevelling. In terms of work complexity, commercial plumbing is more frequent and comprehensive. Most commercial plumbers work under a contractor.

What are some challenges that plumbers encounter?

Every plumber would agree that the job is physically draining and entails health and safety hazards. However, no one in the profession would say that the work isn’t worth it.

Some risks may involve:

  • Eye/hand tool injuries
  • Loss of hearing
  • Height accidents
  • Excessive temperature
  • Electrical shock

Plumbers are unsung heroes. The next time you work with a plumber, don’t forget to show some kind of appreciation. Whether it’s a high-five or a “thank you” note, it would matter a lot.

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