What Is Roof Plumbing?

What is roof plumbing?

Roof plumbing is one of the specialised types of plumbing and is commonly known as stormwater plumbing. It works mainly on designing structures, fabrication, and installation of eaves, downpipes, gutters, metal roofing, skylights, stormwater disposal system, vents in roofs and more.

Since the job’s name contains the word ‘plumbing’, many are wondering what if roof plumbing is different to regular plumbing? Can a regular plumber do a roof plumbers job?

Why is roof plumbing different to regular plumbing?

Plumbing, as a whole, works mainly on the maintenance, installation, and modification of fixtures and pipes that are connected to the heating, sanitation, ventilation, and water distribution systems. With the tasks mentioned, you will immediately notice that its only difference with roof plumbing is the area of work.

Can a regular plumber do the tasks of roof plumbers?

No. Though regular plumber and roof plumbers’ tasks have some similarity, those two professions still have different requirements. These requirements include the knowledge and certifications a roof plumber must have. These knowledge and certifications are:

  • A roof plumber must complete an accredited training course.
  • After passing the training course, a roof plumber must acquire the necessary licence/certification required for the profession. These licences/certifications will help the roof plumber to understand the national work and safety regulation that each roof plumbing jobs needs.
  • A roof plumber must know and understand well the behaviour of water under various conditions which include cold, heat and wind.
  • A roof plumber must also understand the fundamental principles of roofing.
  • Aside from knowledge and skills, a roof plumber must always be comfortable working safely at heights and in using welding equipment.
  • Lastly, a roof plumber must know the best materials to use in every project.

What are the common problems that a roof plumber can fix?

The needs of hiring a roof plumber will depend on the condition of your house. If you are building a new house, these are the jobs that only a professional roof plumber can perform:

  • Proper installation and designing of roof drainage systems.
  • Perform measurement, calculations, installation and fabrication eaves, downpipes, gutters, metal roofing, skylights, stormwater disposal system, vents in roofs and more.
  • Construction of roof flashing, ductwork joints, angled gutters and stop ends.
  • A roof plumber design and install effective rainwater collection system.
  • of collection devices such as rainwater tanks.
  • Proper removal of the house old stormwater collection device or stormwater drainage system.
  • Safely securing and laying the metal roof sheeting.

For house maintenance or repair, these are the jobs that only a professional roof plumber can perform:

  • A roof plumber fixes minor to major roof leaks. These jobs include thorough roof and gutter inspection, cleaning, and repair.
  • A roof plumber does rainwater maintenance. These maintenance jobs include cleaning or replacing new mesh filters to prevent debris and leaves from blocking the drains. Also, installing the first-flush device blocks the dirty water from entering your collection device.
  • A roof plumber can repair and replace roof flashing. Repair jobs include corroded spots and patching holes. If holes have a diameter of more than 3/4 inch or badly corroded, a roof plumber can replace them.

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