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How Pet-Friendly Homes Attract Buyers And Renters Alike

It’s no secret that pets are not just mere companions. In different countries, including Australia, they are regarded as members of the family.

This explains that our love for them makes us look past the cost. Whether it’s for food, grooming or veterinary purposes, the expense doesn’t matter as long as they’re in good shape.

In some cases, it reflects on how some Aussies improve their home. With nearly 38 per cent of Aussie households having dogs in 2016, it’s worth noting that pets influence owners’ buying (and rental) decisions.

Pet-Friendly Housing Demand

Although there is standard practice (under the strata scheme) of disallowing pet ownership among homeowners and tenants, there are aspects that local authorities should carefully consider.

In NSW, for instance, some Sydneysiders prefer to own a house that can accommodate dogs and cats. This reality reveals how a pet-friendly home creates an impact on their selling behaviour (and housing prices). Even the local community is developing a 44-hectare park in Sydney as a way to promote pet ownership.

For tenants, the dilemma of choosing a rental home that prohibits pets around the area forces them to lower down their standards. One research from the University of Western Sydney shows that many renters settle for ‘poorly maintained properties’ that permit them to live with their pets.

Others, however, try to hide their four-legged friends from their landlords and not comply with the appropriate tenancy rules.

With the booming demand for apartment living in the country, it’s normal to think that pets play a big part in tenancy selection. It may be understandable that landowners follow a set of rules in pet ownership. But for the benefit of both parties, it’s good that they clarify the terms and agreement along with some restrictions.

When Doing Home Renovations

Home upgrades may not be applicable to devoted renters (well, at least in terms of major renovations). But for property owners, remodelling a home with a few pet-friendly adjustments doesn’t have to be costly.

Have you thought of adding a dog door leading to the backyard pool? How about revamping your laundry area with a pet-washing section?

The following pet-friendly additions that you can incorporate into your home may include:

  • Fully-fenced garden for furry babies
  • Backyard security
  • Dog Bed
  • Leather Couch (odour-resistant, easy-to-clean)
  • Food bowls
  • Wood/Tile flooring (optional; major renovators may add this on the list)

These features can breed positive feedback from potential buyers. They also help guarantee proper welfare among the pets.

Investing in long-term upgrades will not only help increase property value. It can also acquire great price deals in real estate listings. That is if you plan to purchase a new home and sell your existing property.

Safety & Cleaning Responsibilities

Performing regular cleanups shouldn’t also be overlooked. A vacuum cleaner with good qualities can be a huge help in dealing with pet danders.

For tenants, the common property must also be kept clean to lessen the disturbance among other renters. That being said, it’s important that they’re fully aware of their responsibilities to avoid future disputes.

In terms of safety, make sure you hide the electrical cords and cables. Covering them with thick and durable protectors will make them less susceptible to damage.

Chemical products that could be harmful to pets (and your family) should also be secured and unreachable. Improving your safety measures is a big plus to buyers and advantageous to pets.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

As we’re done celebrating the International Puppy Day last 23rd of March (which is originally known as National Puppy Day in the US), it pays to make your home pet-friendly (not just for future home sale, but also for your pet’s sake).

Whether you live under your own roof or managing a rental property, consider the benefits of a pet-friendly home. If you need to clarify certain rules in terms of pet ownership, you can always visit your local council.

Knowing how it largely contributes to landing a deal might be a compelling reason to join the growing bandwagon. After all, there’ll be no loss if you make your precious home accessible to and comfortable for pets.

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