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How Skip Bin Hire Helps the Environment Thrive

By far, Australia is one of the many countries that produce massive amounts of waste, with 4 billion plastic bags being used annually – resulting in a high demand for skip bin hire.

Over the previous year, local news press The Age reported that Victorians alone produced 12.8 million tonnes of waste in a span of one year (2015-16).

With all these facts, where do most rubbish go?

The skip bin hire service exist for two reasons: to help reduce waste management problems and promote the importance of recycling. These giant rubbish bins are useful for home cleaning, garden clearance, house renovation, driveway reconstruction and many others.

Home cleaning. Setting a schedule for decluttering your house can be done regardless of the season. And since spring is about to unfold, you may start creating a checklist to plan for that day. If you’re looking for a rubbish removal service to attend to your needs, make sure to choose a business that provides the best service with positive client reviews.

Garden clearance. Getting rid of garden waste can be burdensome especially if done alone. Whether you’re clearing up a large garden to improve your home or resell your property in the coming months, you may consider hiring a skip bin professional to help you out.

Driveway reconstruction. Rubble and concrete can be hard to dispose without skip bins. Whether you’re installing a new driveway to replace the old and damaged structure, it’s advisable to get help from your local skip bin service provider for your safety and to know where recyclable materials are delivered.

Why Hire a Skip Bin?

Generally, homeowners hire a skip bin to help them properly dispose their rubbish. Skip bins come in different types and sizes, such as bulk bins and mini-skips, depending on availability and your location. Here are the most popular ones:

General waste.  Skip bins under this category only allow rubbish, clothes, boxes, toys, appliances and any light construction waste. It’s not advisable to fill in some bricks or concrete using this skip bin.

If you’re doing a small clean-up, a 3 cubic metre skip might be enough to fit in your rubbish. Likewise, you may need a 4 to 6 cubic metre bin to accommodate your large furniture and item sets if you’re planning a large clean-up.

Green waste. As the name implies, skip bins of this type only require garden waste such as dried leaves, tree branches, wood chips and grass clippings. Tree trunks and stumps with over 20 to 30cm in diameter can’t be added to the bin.

Renovation bins. Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen or complete renovation, you can put in construction waste such as bricks and concrete. You may also use this type for general waste disposal when necessary.

3 to 4 cubic metre skips can be used for bathroom or kitchen renovation.

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Heavy waste. This type may include combined items such as tiles, rubble, pavers, soil, bricks and concrete. Some things that you can’t put in are batteries, food scraps and liquid waste.

Concrete/Bricks. Any other materials except concrete and bricks cannot be added to the bin.

Proper use of skip bins can have a gradual impact in mitigating waste management problems.

Skip bin hire professionals work to provide you with eco-friendly privileges to lessen the amount of waste around your home and participate in saving the environment. These professionals make sure to deliver the rubbish to licensed sorting facilities to classify what materials are recyclable.

How can proper waste disposal have a long-term effect?

skip bin professionalPhoto courtesy of Shaw Air Force Base via Google

Old plastic materials may not be environment-friendly, but the practice of reducing and recycling can help lessen the negative impact they bring.

Have you thought about using a million waste products mixed with bitumen to create a local road? A May-29 report by 7 News talks about a Melbourne company who initiated a 300-metre road construction project using old plastic bags, printer cartridges and glass bottles along with asphalt. The purpose is to minimise significant amounts of waste materials dumped into landfill sites and create a lasting change in recycling industries.

Your role as a homeowner plays a significant part in keeping the environment healthy and thriving.

Skip bins may not offer a prompt solution, but they can remind you to keep your waste properly managed and see the results eventually. With discipline and commitment, you can take the initiative to begin with your home and local community.

Whether you’re doing a spring clean or planning a home renovation, it’s good to have someone to take care of your rubbish removal project. HIREtrades can provide a list of skip bin hire services in Melbourne that you can trust.

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