Home Safety: What to Look for When Hiring a Locksmith?

Lock issues or misplaced keys are common things that can happen to anyone. Most of the time, it happens just when you are in a rush or late for an appointment.

Lock and key issues are critical because they can affect the safety of your homes, office, cars, and even your valued personal belongings.

It is not every day that you lose or have some lock issues. But keeping the number for a 24-hour locksmith can be useful and save you the hassle of finding a locksmith in times like these.

But before your locksmith fixes these issues, it is important to know first the qualities of a good locksmith since your property’s safety and security are critical.

Here are the things you must watch out for when looking for a locksmith:


A locksmith that you should hire must be trustworthy and reliable when the need arises. He should be able to arrive on time when security-related issues happen especially when you have a business.

Professional credibility

When hiring a locksmith, he should have a credible business and good reputation. Do proper research about his services.

Spend time to check customer’s reviews and their experience with the locksmith you are about to hire.


You will certainly not put the security of your homes or business in the hands of someone who is not an experienced locksmith. It goes hand in hand with the locksmith’s credibility as well.

The locksmith you should hire must be doing this for a long time. The more experienced he is, the better it would be.

However, there are times that experience does not only pertain to the number of years, but also the skills he has in dealing with different lock and key problems like key cutting or an experienced auto locksmith.

Make sure to check his specialization and what type of services he has been giving for the past years. On top of that, hire someone who is always up to date with the latest industry updates.


Nowadays, there are many fraud locksmiths, and you would want to check them out first before hiring them. Be sure to check their license or if they have an actual physical address.

Remember that your property’s safety is at stake so make sure you do your due diligence.


Many companies may provide you with a guarantee that they can deliver with your lock and key issues. However, most of them fail and you end up spending more.

Look for a locksmith that can provide you a quotation upfront and compare their service charges with others. Then choose the locksmith that will meet your budget.

Emergency Service

You may never know when you might need the services of a locksmith. Hence, make sure that you choose someone who offers emergency services as well.

Ensure that you will be hiring a 24-hour locksmith who will be available anytime you need them.

Benefits of Hiring professional Locksmith   

You might be thinking, why should I hire a professional locksmith if I can do it myself? You probably even think that it will be cheaper if you do it yourself.

On the contrary, hiring a professional locksmith is more beneficial than you think. For starters, many of the locksmiths are available round the clock.

You can contact them even during the holidays and they can fix your lock problems easily. Hence, you will not worry about your safety and security getting compromised.

Their expertise and skill have already been tested which is why they can quickly determine and fix your lock issues. Their services are also insured so they can take responsibility for the work done.

A locksmith can also assist you in upgrading your new door locks for your house or office for maximum security. They can install better locks for your safety and convenience.

More importantly, they are professionals and are equipped with the right tools needed to fix your lock and key issues.

In the long run, hiring a professional locksmith is worth it because they guarantee that the work done is of quality and will last long.

Hence, you don’t have to spend more on back jobs or low-quality outputs because they make sure that your safety is a top priority.

Professional Locksmith Services Include

Professional Locksmith Services Include

A professional locksmith provides different services. Listed below are the different services they offer:

What does a Locksmith do?   

  • Key copying and replacement

It is one of the primary services a locksmith provides. Whether moving to a new house, replacing car keys, or duplicating an extra key, they can do this job well.

However, if replacing for a car key, verify first if they can do this because some locksmiths don’t have the right equipment to do that.

  • Cut keys

Locksmiths are well-trained to cut keys. While it may seem to be a simple process, this requires special types of machinery and tools because there are thousands of keys in the market.

They need to find the right key you require. If the locksmith does not have it, they can source it out and do it for you.

  • Door and window lock repairs

Door and window locks vary depending on your property. You can decide the level of security you want for your house or business, which can be a simple lock and key or access control system.

They can also repair broken door locks and windows if it does not require total replacement.

  • Installation of electronic access

Locksmiths nowadays can also install systems that allow you to enter and exit a building or car electronically.

There are different types of electronic access like remote systems, keypad entry systems, proximity card readers, and apartment intercom systems.

Electronic locks are popular choices because they can be reprogrammed easily when mechanical locks need to be changed.

On the other hand, electronic access is an efficient way to provide keyless entry to tenants and employees while keeping track of who goes in and out of your property.

  • Installation of locks and servicing safes

Locksmiths also know about different safes and can provide advice on the best safe suited for your needs. They can also install, unlock, and service your safe as well.

They can also upgrade your safe from key operated combination to an electronic digital lock and can skillfully repair a broken lock for you.

  • Automotive services

Some locksmiths can also provide car key and remote replacement. They can also clone, program transponder chips, and even unlock car doors.

This field of locksmithing is specific and requires locksmiths trained in this area without damaging your car.

  • Rekeying

Another important job of a locksmith is rekeying. Rekeying is the process of changing or realigning the pins inside your locks to stop previously issued keys from working.

Rekeying your locks is required if an unauthorized person has keys to your property and did not return it to you. Most of the time, rekeying is cheaper than changing your locks entirely.

  • Provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services

Some locksmiths are always on call. They can provide you emergency services no matter where, when, or what time it is.

Most of the time, you may need locksmiths when you are locked out of your house, your car, or if you lost your keys.

Once you’ve lost your key, it is important to make sure that you have an emergency locksmith number with you at all times to fix this problem immediately.

These are just some of the services any professional locksmith offers. If you want to hire a locksmith, make sure to do a background check and ask around your area as well.

Locksmith Duties and Responsibilities   

  • Evaluate security requirements for customers such as installation, repairing and making keys, changing locks

  • Conducting security audits and installation of security systems

  • Replacing, repairing damaged or faulty locks and door mechanisms

  • Provide home security advice and recommend alarm and security systems

  • Maintenance of different access control systems

  • Cut duplicate keys, change lock combinations, and bypass locks

  • They make sure that they are up to date with the latest security systems

Where to Hire a Locksmith?   

Taking the time to find the right locksmith is crucial because this is for your safety and protection. Furthermore, the job done by the locksmith should be of high-quality and should last a long time.

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