How effective are home security systems?

In today’s age, a home security system is a necessity for every home as it serves as additional protection. This is even more so when you read the statistics from the Australian Institute Of Criminology.

But even with statistics, there are some homeowners who are sceptical about the home security system’s effectivity.

How effective are home security systems?

In general, the home security system is effective because it serves its purpose – protection. It’s been proven that potential burglars are intimidated whenever they see a home security system at home like some CCTV cameras or an alarm system. But the overall effectivity of it will always depend on the type of system you have installed at home.

Aside from protection, other purposes that home security system provides are:

Peace of mind

The house provides comfort and security. But due to dangers in the surroundings, it is disturbing the peace of your home and mind. This is one of the problems that every home security system manufacturer is aiming to achieve. And they successful did by designing and continuously developing each system depending on the needs and preference of the house and owner.

A home security system is also beneficial if you are letting tradies inside your home. You can watch them while they work and see if they are doing something illegal inside your house like stealing.

Good long-term investment

When people hear the words ‘home security system’ the first thing that comes in mind is protection. If you live in a good neighbourhood, you might think that you won’t need a home security system and it’s just an additional cost to your expenses. But do you know that a home security system is a good long-term investment?

This is true because insurance providers are offering discounts or cost reductions to properties with a home security system. Insurers always have a hard time identifying if one’s claim is legitimate or not. But with the help of a home security system, it will make their job much easier because they can see hard evidence of the scope of the burglary. This is the reason they offer discounts or cost reductions.  If you are considering having one, make sure to coordinate with your insurance provider to ask about their requirements and if they offer any discounts.

Safer environment to work in

A nanny and cleaners are two of the common services that most homeowners hire to work inside their homes. Though those jobs don’t last until midnight, the home security system will make sure that they will feel safe whenever they walk into their cars or leaving/entering the premises.

A home security system is effective. But if you are not still convinced how effective are home security systems, you can always add more elements.

These elements can be any of the following:

  • Get a dog

A dog is the most effective protector of the house because they have a strong sense of hearing. Once they hear a rustle or see anything unknown creature, they will automatically bark in alarming the owner or the neighbour.

  • Keep valuables in safe places

Expensive or high-end valuables always attract burglars. To avoid these, make sure to hide everything in a safe place and don’t display it on open spaces.

  • Ask a family member to look after your house

If you are planning to go for a long vacation, it’s recommended to hire someone to look after your house. The best people to ask is family because the trust is already there, and you are confident that all your valuables are safe.

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