What are security systems?

Burglary is a common threat with every property and the best way to prevent it from happening is by installing a well-integrated security system.

What are security systems?

A security system is a combination of software and hardware that were designed to communicate with one another to protect one’s property. The standard security system contains a central control panel, sensors, and alarm. This will only change depending on the type of security system you choose for your property.

What are security systems’ types?

There are three types of security systems and each are equipped with unique features to make it more effective.

Monitored Security System

Monitored Security System is the conventional choice of a security system. This security system is equipped with an alarm that will automatically turn on once it detects a motion. It is called ‘monitored security system’ because a professional home security specialist is monitoring the activity of the security system and will immediately contact the owner once the alarm is activated. There are some monitored security systems that offers a duress alarm feature.

This feature is very convenient because when this alarm is activated, the police will be alerted. If your security system doesn’t have this feature, it’s fine because most monitored security systems can still send an alert to the police if more than one of its sensors has been triggered.

Unmonitored Security System

Unmonitored Security System has a similar function to the monitored security system. When the sensor detects motion, the alarm will be activated. The only difference is once the alarm is activated, instead of notifying the authorities, it will release a loud sound.

The loud sound serves two purposes: scare away the burglars and alerting the neighbours or anyone nearby about the situation.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless Alarm Systems is the most convenient choice for most homeowners because you can purchase it in hardware stores. It’s just a bonus that it is easy to install and affordable too. The common components of a wireless alarm system include a main control panel, sensors, cameras, and alarms. The main control panel is the way for all the components to communicate with each other.

To make it work, you must set all components with their own channel on the main control panel. Once set, all the components under the same channel can communicate with each other. The advantage of this security system is it has a security camera. It may not have an automatic notification feature that can alert the police right away, but the burglars can still easily be caught because you captured their picture on the act.

Why are security systems important?

From the name itself, safety is the main reason a security system is important. This will guarantee protection on your life and is a good investment against danger. To ensure that you will maximise the effectivity of the security system, you must install the right one that best fits the type of your property (residential or commercial building) and needs. If you are unsure on what security system to choose, seek for professional’s assistance.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Pawel Czerwinski via Unsplash

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