What are the best home security systems?

When it comes to safety, everyone deserves to own the best and most effective home security systems. But a home security system will only be considered as the ‘best’ if it is easy to install and manage, possess all the safety features the homeowner needs, and provide good customer service support. It’s also a plus if it has a reasonable price. Are you wondering what are the best home security systems in Australia?

What are the best home security systems?

In Australia, when you asks the question ‘what are the best home security systems’ there are 4 brands that will stand out – Abode, ADT, Frontpoint, and Link Interactive. These home security system brands stand out because many proved its efficiency and reliability in securing their home.

Here are other reasons why these brands stand out and become homeowners favourites:

1. Abode Home Security System

Abode was founded in 2014 and their main goal is to keep people safe by using advanced technology while maintaining simplicity. Four years later, Abode established their home security system as the best self-monitored DIY security system.

Abode’s home security system is one of homeowners’ favourite because anyone can install it 30 minutes or less, and it offers a free of charge self-monitoring feature. The latter feature is ideal to use whenever the homeowner leaves the house for a week or two. Other features it offers are stated as follows:

    • All the devices connected (maximum of 160) are secured and data are encrypted
    • Smart home integration and automation capabilities
    • Ease in customising its’ settings, adjust notifications and receive alerts to email or SMS
    • Ability to have a 3G cellular backup connection
    • Works with both Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Aside from the self-monitoring, Abode also offers a Pro monitoring feature.

For home security system, Abode offers 2 kits: Abode Gateway and iota All-In-One Security Kit. The Abode gateway weighs 1.7 lbs. and includes a motion sensor, door sensor, and remote key fob. While the iota all-in-one security kit weighs 1.25 lbs. and includes a door sensor, window sensor, and remote key fob.

The advantages of these 2 home security systems are:

    • It doesn’t have long-term contracts or monthly fees
    • It has a crash and smashes protection
    • It has a complete device mode configuration
    • And all the features, except the pro monitoring feature, are free of charge when homeowners’ avail the basic plan
  • The disadvantages that most homeowners noticed on Abode’s home security system are its’ sensor is a bit bulky and it doesn’t provide a control panel.

2. ADT Home Security System

When asked the ‘what are the best home security systems’ question, ADT products always pop up. This is because ADT is one of the longest-running companies in Australia that provides reliable and high-quality security services. They offer a wireless home security system that has been known to have the best monitoring feature.

This is considered the best because ADT has various reliable monitoring services across the country dedicated to assisting the homeowners if a problem arises. ADT home security system offers the following features:

    • It has a reliable detection for intruder, movement, fire, and smoke.
    • ADT detector is pet sensitive as well which is helpful to prevent false alarms.
    • It has a remote key fob that can remotely activate and deactivate the home security system.
    • The smoke and fire detector included on ADT home security system have a low battery indicator, (3) AAA batteries and dual-sensor heat detector (built-in). The good thing about this feature is it can work even the homeowners don’t set the alarm system.
    • ADT uses RF technology for alarm components. This is for devices way to communicate to the main system.
    • ADT offers cellular and landline connections
    • It has a mobile application that the homeowners can use to easily control their home security system and stream all the happenings inside their home.
    • It has a Geo-Services feature that will send a notification to the homeowners whenever they forgot to lock the door or activate the security system ON.
  • The video monitoring feature of this home security system can provide a live-streaming, record and send video alerts.

Note: The features’ inclusion will vary on the plan that the homeowners will get from ADT.

The advantage of an ADT home security system compared to others is it has a fast response. No matter the movement (e.g. pet and window break) it detected, ADT security team will respond to it. Also, it includes a security officer response feature. This feature gives 3 security responses in their home if the support team can’t get in contact with the homeowners.

The only downside most homeowners noticed on ADT home security system is it has a long-term contract.

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 3. Frontpoint Home Security System

Smarter and safer is the main goal of Frontpoint in designing all their home security system. They deliver this by creating an effective, yet simple wireless home security solution. Since its wireless like Abode, the homeowners can install it themselves. But if the homeowners are not a fan of DIY installation, Frontpoint’s technician is always ready to assist them.

The features that Frontpoint home security system offers are:

    • It has a wireless and cellular connection
    • The main hub has a smash and crash protection
    • The keypad of the home security system can be installed in multiples to make it easier to manage and check the status.
    • The camera can be placed on indoor, outdoor and in the doorbell. All cameras can capture a good quality video and image.
    • The home automation includes a smart door lock with a fingerprint-resistant feature, smart light bulb, wireless light control, and garage door controller.
    • The sensor is designed to detect motion, door, window, glass break, smoke and heat, carbon, flood and garage door.
    • It can send alerts and notification on mobile
    • It has a geo-location services feature
  • Lastly, it can link multiple Frontpoint accounts in the system.

Frontpoint home security systems is one of the homeowners favourites because it offers a ‘Personalise your system’ feature, fast installation, and professional monitoring.

The only downside of Frontpoint home security system is it doesn’t offer a landline or broadband monitoring option. This means that this is not suitable for anyone who lives in a remote area.

4. Link Interactive Home Security System

Just like Frontpoint, the Link Interactive home security system also offers the customisation of security system package according to the homeowners’ preference. Its only difference is, an advantage, it offers an energy management service. This service works just like in their security features, it sends notification on the homeowners’ mobile phone whenever they leave a light open. It can also allow them to adjust the temperature and thermostat setting to give them optimal comfort.

The features that Link Interactive home security system offers to the homeowners are:

    • The video monitoring of Link Interactive offers offsite storage with tamper-resistant feature and wireless communications/connections.
    • The security camera produces HD image and video quality with great low-light performance.
    • This home security system will send real-time alerts on homeowner’s mobile whenever the system or alarm suspiciously shut off.
    • Aside from the alerts, the homeowner can access the system’s settings on their mobile or tablet device to customise the settings.
    • The video monitoring has a Stream Video Recorder (SVR) feature. This feature is bandwidth-optimised which means that it will never affect or slow down the homeowner’s internet connection.
  • It has a smash, crash, intrusion and environmental protection.

Link Interactive home security system’s advantages over the other systems are it offers flexible contracts (12, 24 and 36th-month) and has Z-wave compatible technology. While its disadvantages are it doesn’t offer professional installation and the customer service has limited service hours.

Which one is the best choice?

Having the right home security system will guarantee to have a safe home for you and your family. All 4 home security system brands are good options for your home. But if you need to determine what is the best home security system between the 4 brands, the best to choose is the Frontpoint home security system. Though the other 3 has their unique strengths and advantages such as:

    • The Abode Home Security System is the best option because of its ease in installation and most of its’ features are free of charge.
    • The ADT Home Security System is the best option because it is the best system for monitoring. It’s a plus that it has the longest experience on providing good quality security system.
  • The Link Interactive Home Security System is the best option because it offers a customising feature which gives the homeowners the freedom to design their own security system.

The Frontpoint home security system is the clear winner because it contains all that features. With, of course, additional features such as DIY and professional installation options, 24/7 video surveillance, a mobile application for alerts, and the homeowners can link multiple accounts in the security system. The latter feature is beneficial for a large-sized family.

Overall, Frontpoint home security system is an all-around home security and automation system with a reasonable price tag.

Tips to easily determine what are the best home security systems

Determining what are the best home security systems is indeed helpful because shopping for it can be challenging at times. But if this trick still haven’t helped you decide which one to buy, the other best way to make the shopping process easier is to think like an intruder. You can do this by asking yourself questions like ‘Which part of the house do intruders commonly break in?’ and ‘How do they do it?’ From these, you will have an idea of how much security your home really needs and the exact areas to protect.

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