Where to buy home security systems?

The home security system is keeping families and their properties safe and protected for years. Choosing what type to install at home is not a problem as options are overflowing. The common concern that most people have is to where to buy home security systems?

Where to buy home security systems?

There are various stores available today where you can buy a reliable home security system. But in Australia, two of the most popular options are e-commerce websites and physical stores.

E-commerce websites

Since most people today have a busy lifestyle, e-commerce websites become the most popular option. The e-commerce websites that you can visit are one-stop shop online stores and business’ websites.

  • One-Stop Shop Online Stores

In Australia, there are 3 one-stop shop online stores that you can consider visiting and those are eBay, Kogan and Dick Smith.

The eBay store has been operating in Australia since 1999. Nineteen years later, it’s still one of the preferred one-stop shop online stores because it offers good deals for both new and used products. For home security system, there are plenty of options for homeowners.

The only thing that you must watch out on eBay is the seller’s reputation. Choose only the sellers with a good rating to ensure getting the product in good shape and condition. is considered the newest among the 3 because it only started in 2006. is an Australian-owned company. It became one of the best options to shop for a home security system because the company specialises in selling electronic products.

When talking about electronic products, the Dick Smith company will always come up. It became a trusted household name because the owner (Dick Smith) was an electrician technician before starting the company. He started the company with a goal to make it a haven for all electronics enthusiasts. Though he is not the sole owner of the company now, it is still being managed by a passionate electronic person (since 2016).

The good advantage of Dick Smith is it also has a physical store. So, you can easily check the home security product you want on the store before buying it.

Shopping for your home security system in one-stop shop online stores are indeed more convenient. This is most advantageous if you have no idea on what type of home security system to purchase. The only disadvantage most people noticed on one-stop shop online stores is the sellers’ credibility. If you want a more guaranteed option, you can go to the main source which is the home security systems’ manufacturer website.

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  • Business’ website

The simpler way to know what business’ website is best to visit is by looking for the best home security system products first. In Australia, the best home security systems products are under the following brands: Abode, ADT, Frontpoint and Link Interactive. These products are both good options for 2018 and 2019.

Aside from a guaranteed good quality and 100% working device, the advantages of buying on the business’ main websites are the exclusive deals they offer, warranties and support from their customer representative and technician.

Physical stores

If you are not a fan of online shopping, the other ideal option to take is shopping on electronics physical store. Aside from Dick Smith, the electronics store you can visit in Australia is Officeworks. The company is known as the leading supplier and retailer of different products and solutions designed for both home and business.

Bonus Tip on where to buy home security systems

If you are not satisfied with these two options, the best way to know where to buy home security systems that are reliable, and durable is by asking recommendation to a specialised tradie. Specialised tradies are the best person to ask for a recommendation because they know exactly what type of security system to implement per property type. They can even advice you or lay-out a good plan for the installation to ensure you can maximise the usage and functionality of the security system.

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