5 Reasons Why You Need to be a Tradie

Becoming a tradesperson is not easy. Not only does it involve an overarching process of manual labour, but it also requires extensive skills before going out into the field.

The choice between having a bachelor’s degree or earning apprenticeship training has become a struggle for some, particularly young people. It’s not surprising that the number of tradies only increased by 1.6 per cent in the span of five years according to Australia’s 2016 census.

But you may want to look at the benefits it provides if you consider becoming a professional tradie.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to be a Tradie:

1. Job Stability

According to research, tradies are one of the best-paid individuals in the community of professionals. The incessant need of homeowners for people who can handle carpentry, electrical and plumbing works proves it is true. Despite the skill shortages reflected through the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ record, others are moving into trade industries to seek for long-term opportunities. It clearly emphasises the availability of trade jobs everywhere.

2. Flexibility & Growth

Working as a tradie lets you manage your own hours and heightens your problem-solving ability. Whether you prefer to be a chippy, sparky or dunny diver, acquiring skills in trade work gives you the freedom to choose what project to accept or reject. It allows you to engage in a thorough study and gain a valid licence to speed up your growth. Venturing in this field also gives you the advantage to make changes to your home without having to spend a bunch of money.

3. Travel Perks

Office work can be fulfilling, but for others wanting to explore the outdoors and connect with new people, travelling is more rewarding. Whether your goal centers on leisure or business purposes, this profession won’t confine you to work only in one area. The reason behind this is people need tradies everywhere. Likewise, if you’re aiming to showcase your skills to international clients, blue-collar jobs like this can take you to places.

4. Technological Advancement

The continuous rise of technology in the industry makes the job easier and quicker to handle. For instance, professionals involved in solar power design and installation can use devices such as 3D printers and drones to assist them in the actual work. Also, job management software such as Tradify and Ascora are accessible to provide a more convenient way to monitor updates, plot a schedule and process invoice for their clients. Not only can it reduce the amount of your workload, but it also gives you more time for your family.

5. Lasting Fulfilment

Seeing your work done is a delight. If you’re planning to enter the construction industry, getting to witness the outcome of your combined effort and expertise brings greater satisfaction. Having the passion to get involved in physical work is not a burden, at least for those whose interest aligns with the job’s demand. Compared with desk-related jobs that make you wait weeks or months, becoming a tradie lets you see tangible results after completing the procedure.

Top Highest Paid Tradies


Giving much attention to job security and financial freedom can be a great motivation to brave the world of trades. To get yourself familiarised, here are top highest paid tradies in Australia:

Basing on the list, plumbers and electricians receive the most job requests in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland compared to other fields. The information above can be your guide in choosing what jobs have a higher popularity rate across the states.

PayScale provides an average wage for Aussie professionals working as:

  • Plumbers: $28.12 per hour

  • Electricians: $30.44 per hour

  • Landscapers: $23.54 per hour

  • Builders: $35.70 per hour

  • Carpenters: $29.48 per hour

  • Handymen: $25.50 per hour

  • Painters: $27.09 per hour

While the rates can vary depending on your location, years of experience and level of expertise, seeking professional advice from real practitioners is a huge help. Whether you’re thinking about changing your career or considering a job that doesn’t require you to spend long years at university, the decision lies in your hands. If it’s a hobby that pushes you toward that goal, now is the time to make plans.

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