What are the best tradie apps?

Many find the process of searching for a trusted tradie challenging. But for the past years, tradies are doing their hardest to make the process smoother for everyone. One creative way they found is by embracing modern technologies by creating the best tradie apps.

A tradie app is a mobile marketplace where everyone can find and connect to the tradie they need. Looking for tradie right now?

Here are the best tradie apps in Australia that you can consider using:

The Best Tradie Apps:

1. HIREtrades

HIREtrades maybe the newest tradie app on the market, but many already considering it as one of the best tradie apps in Australia because of its’ reliability and ease of use. HIREtrades works with 3 simple steps and those are:

a. The first step is for the homeowner to post the job details in the mobile app. It’s highly advisable to make it as detailed as possible, this is for the tradies to easily understand the overall scope of the job and give the accurate quotation. If you feel that words are not enough to describe the problem, you can send a picture of it. Most tradies appreciate this method more.

b. After successfully publishing your job post, the HIREtrades team will match the required job to the relevant tradies that are within your location. They will send a maximum of 3 quotes.

If there are chances that you don’t any of the tradie matched on your job post, you can decline it and request the team to give you another set of tradies’ quotes.

c. The last step is more on comparing the quotes you’ve received and chosen the tradie that you feel the best fit for your job. Not to mention, the tradie that gives a reasonable price for the job.

Can’t make up your mind on what tradie to choose? Don’t worry, the HIREtrades team will help you by sending tips via email or calling their customer care support.

HIREtrades covers all types of trades whether it is for commercial or residential building.

2. Airtasker

Airtasker started in 2012. This become one of the best tradie apps in Australia for two reasons and those are the following:

  • Indicate budget on job posting

Most of the tradie apps in the market today have the same, or almost, process. But the difference of Airtasker is, when you post a job, you will be asked for the budget as well.

Upon the submission, tradies will choose which job to accept. If they chose your posted job and agreed to your budget, you and the tradie will proceed to the next step. If not, the tradies will submit their proposal and indicate their quotes.

  • Covered Jobs

Airtasker is not only focused on being a marketplace to find local repair or renovation services. They also cover outsourcing projects management tasks such as accounting, event planning, web design and more.

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3. Social Media Apps

Using a tradie mobile application to find local tradies is indeed convenient. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will limit yourself to that resources. You can always find other platforms to broaden your search.

One platform you can consider using is any type of social media apps. It may not be specially-designed for tradies, but this is helpful since everyone (or most) has a social media app on their mobile phone nowadays.

According to Social Media News, social media receive millions of views every month. So, it’s not surprising for entrepreneurs to extend their businesses on social media. The top 8 most visited social media in Australia are:

  1. Facebook with 15,000,000
  2. YouTube with 15,000,000
  3. Instagram with 9,000,000
  4. WhatsApp with 7,000,000
  5. Snapchat with 6,400,000
  6. WordPress with 5,800,000
  7. Twitter with 4,700,000
  8. LinkedIn with 4,500,000

You probably wonder which of the social media apps are good to use when finding reliable tradies. In our opinion, the advisable platform to use is Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or blog.

  • In terms of views, Facebook and YouTube are the top picks and can be considered as one of the best tradie apps in Australia. You can find tradies on Facebook and YouTube by typing their name or business name on the search field.

But between the two mobile apps, many prefer YouTube because watching a video is much easier than reading posts.

  • LinkedIn is advantageous to use because this is a business and employment-oriented platform. Searching for a trusted tradie is much easier than the actual tradie apps. On LinkedIn, you can see all the job history, people they worked with and the reputation of the tradie you wanted to hire.
  • Blog platform doesn’t guarantee as many results like in the tradie and social media apps. But this is advantageous to use because here you can read all the tradie’s experience, past work, and tips.

Mobile technology has undeniably transformed everyones lives and make it easier. Now everyone can easily find most of the things they need and want just by using one mobile application.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash

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